The Prime Minister of India addressed public on 14th April at 10:00 am about the extension of lockdown. which was initially a 21 days lock on 24 March nationwide that has now been extended till 3rd OF MAY. the extension of the lockdown has been requested by chief ministers of several states. which was further approved by Prime Minister Modi (PM) of the country.

India is the country of festivals that has also been following social distancing throughout the course of lockdown. because of the rate of patients that have been rapidly increasing to the course of 5000+ patients to 10000+ patients all throughout the country.

The state with the highest rate of active CVOID-19 patients is increasingly been in the top hotspot for the virus that is MUMBAI.

Apart from the emergency services, all the services have been temporarily suspended and the complete lockdown has proceeded. The online services have been resumed in an effective way which is delivering out to the houses individually. Sanitization workers and doctors have been working 24 hours to stabilize the situation.

India is one of the most populous has continuously been working to reduce the number of active cases.

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