Log Horizon Season 3 Release date, Cast | Plot | Spoiler [September 2020 Update]

Fans have been wondering when Log Horizon Season 3 would be due for release. This is two years after the producer’s last release date of 2018. Many had even thought that the release had been canceled. This is because production and consequent release of the anime have not been consistent. Unarguably, there is a wide gap between the release of the light novels. The producers aired Volume 10 in September 2015 and Volume 11 was released in March 2018. There are approximately 3 years between them.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Release Date : Log Horizon Season 3 will be released on December 25, 2020[/highlight].

Log Horizon was first produced on April 13, 2010. It is, however, an adaptation of a Japanese light novel series that has the same title. Mamare Touno is the author of the light novel series while Kazuhiro Hara is the illustrator. Enterbrain started its publication in March 2011. Meanwhile, Yen Press acquired the rights to the English version. They began publishing the English version in 2015. A total of 11 volumes has so far been published.

Season 1 of the anime premiered in 2014 and it recorded great success. Hence, the producers soon followed up with the release of Season 2 in 2015. Season 2 also did great. Unfortunately, the producers are yet to release Season 3 despite repeated demands from fans. This has created an uncomfortable gap between the release of season 2 and the long-awaited season 3.

The Manga

Log Horizon has four manga adaptations which are based on light novels. Mamare Touno wrote all four of them.

  • The first manga adaptation is titled, “Log Horizon Gaiden: Honey Moon Logs.” Motoya Matsu did the illustration. ASCII Media Works had it published in the Dengeki Daioh magazine
  • The second manga adaptation is titled, “Log Horizon.” Kazuhiro Hara did the illustration. Enterbrain published it in the Famitsu Comic Clear magazine
  • The third manga adaptation is titled, “Log Horizon: The West Wind Brigade.” It is illustrated by Koyuki. Fujimi Shobo published it in the Age Premium magazine
  • And finally, the fourth manga adaptation goes by the title, “Log Horizon Gaiden: Nyanta-honcho Shiawase no Recipe.” Sōchū has illustrated this Manga. Enterbrain published it in Comic B’s LOG magazine.

The Anime

  • Satelight produced and premiered the first season with 25-episodes. They released the adaptation on NHK Educational TV. Season 1 ran from 5th October 2013 to 22nd March 2014.
  • Studio Deen released the second season with 25-episodes. They aired it from 4th October 2014 to 28th March 2015.
  • Season 3 is made up of 12-episodes. It is titled Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table. It is due for release in January 2021.

Reasons for the Delayed Release of Log Horizon Season 3

Analysts have said that the reason behind the long delay is nothing more than a tax evasion scandal against the author. Mamare also is known as Daisuke Umezu was charged in April 2015, with tax evasion. They alleged that he failed to file his income taxes. They subsequently found him guilty and sentenced him to 10 months in prison.  Fans began to worry immediately the tax evasion scandal emerged. Many feared that the producers of the anime would cancel further production. The reason was not far-fetched. Japan’s national public broadcasting organization (NHK) is the primary producer and financier of the Log Horizon anime series. Thus, fans thought the government of Japan would withdraw its aid to the producers.

Despite everything, the author settled his tax issues. This soon gave hope to many fans of the anime. A lot of them started assuming release dates for Season 3. These dates have come and gone but season 3 is yet to be out.

And quite a handful said that the producers stopped further production because of the legal setback. However, the Anime producers have finally announced they will release Log Horizon Season 3 soon. Reliably, the release of the Log Horizon Season 3 anime was made on the official NHK website.


Elder Tale is a very popular game with millions of gamers. Just as the twelfth expansion pack released on the Japanese server, a strange event occurred. They called it ‘the Catastrophe’. Those who were already logged into the game nonetheless found themselves inside another world similar to that of the game. Their bodies were transformed immediately and they look just like their game avatars. They had the same superhuman abilities that their characters had. They fought monsters to survive.

Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date

Many fans have expressed mixed concerns regarding the Log Horizon Season 3 release date.

DQueenie wrote: 

Well, thing is, between volumes 8-11, Mamare’s had to deal with a tax evasion scandal and the investigations/charges revolving around that. I’m assuming that he’s had less time to work on LH/more distracted from it as a result. Besides, this isn’t really even “slow” for him, considering that there was a two-year break between volumes 5 and 6.

Also, volumes 9 and 10 don’t drag at all. It picks the pace back up from volume 8, since they establish the introduction of our “main antagonists” that are only hinted at in volume 8.

When Mamare was asked during one of the interviews, he mentioned that he’s already figured out how the story will end and how many volumes he would take to reach that ending (15, and then side-stories; I don’t know if volumes 9 and 11 count as main volumes or as side-stories). So unless executive meddling extends the series, Mamare knows what he’s writing and what pace the story’s going at.”

After a long wait, the producers of Log Horizon Season 3 have confirmed its release. The Log Horizon season 3 is titled, Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table. Season 3 is supposed to have 12 episodes in total. It was, first of all, scheduled to be released in October of 2020. They however postponed it to January 2021 due primarily to the global Covid-19 health challenge.

Studio DEEN will be producing the Log Horizon Season 3 anime. After the successes of Season 2, Studio Deen will be producing the Season 3. They are also the producers of the popular KonoSuba anime series.

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Season 1 (Episodes)

  1. The Apocalypse
  2. The Roka Encounter Battle (The Battle of Loka)
  3. The Depths of Palm (Palm’s Deep End)
  4. Escape
  5. Return to Akihabara (Return to Akiba)
  6. Resolve
  7. Crescent Moon
  8. Villain Behind Glasses (Devious Four-Eyes)
  9. Round Table Conference (Round-Table Meeting)
  10. Get It With Your Own Hands (Grab It In Your Hand)
  11. The Invitation From Eastal (An Invitation From Eastal)
  12. The Forest of Lagranda (Lagranda Forest)
  13. Shield and Freedom (The Shield and Freedom)
  14. World Fraction (Universal Turbulence)
  15. Attack
  16. Return of the Goblin King
  17. A Lazy, Cowardly Princess
  18. Expeditionary Force
  19. Chasing After Them
  20. Contract
  21. Waltz For Two (The Two of Us Shall Waltz)
  22. The Swallow and The Baby Starling (Swallow and Young Starling)
  23. The Apprentice Magician (Student of the Mage)
  24. Confusion (Chaos)
  25. The Scale Festival (The Libra Festival)

Season 2 (Episodes)

  1. Shiroe of the Northern Lands
  2. The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes
  3. The Abyssal Shaft
  4. Shattered Wings
  5. Christmas Eve
  6. A Lost Child at Dawn
  7. The Suifū Maidens (The Maidens of Watermaple)
  8. Akihabara Raid (Akiba Raid)
  9. The Changing Battlefield (Akiba Raid)
  10. Guild Master
  11. Retry
  12. The Gold of the Kunie
  13. A Sweet Trap
  14. Kanami, Go East!
  15. A New Journey
  16. The Midday Vampire
  17. Odyssey Knights
  18. When the Concert Ends
  19. The Red Night
  20. Birthday Song
  21. The Skylarks Take Flight
  22. Stranger
  23. Isaac and Iselus
  24. Sleep of the Eternal Moth
  25. The Pioneers

Log Horizon: Guild Master Characters

Find below, the interesting characters of Log Horizon: Guild Master

  • Shiroe- Guild Master: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Shiroe is the major protagonist of the Log Horizon’s adventure series. His actual name is Kei Shirogane but he is popularly called Shiroe. He is also the founding Guild Master of Log Horizon season 3. He is half all of the Enchanter class and is likewise a Scribe. Shiroe is a slender young man with black hair and you will always recognize him wearing round glasses. His outfit includes a brown turtleneck sweater over green pants. Furthermore, he always wears his Dazaneg’s Magic Bag across his chest. His boots are also green like his pants.

Shiroe is a graduate of engineering who had been playing the Elder Tale for nearly eight years. He was an expert player of the MMORPG Elder Tale Game. Shiroe joined various groups and embarked on raids for different purposes.  He joined the Debauchery Tea Party but later left. As a member of the Debauchery Tea Party, he functioned as their strategist.

Currently, he is the Guild Master of Log Horizon. At first, Shiroe was not too excited about joining guilds not until the Apocalypse occurred. The pressures and necessities of the moments demanded that the players needed to come together in order to form a guild to survive.


During his childhood, Shiroe had difficulties socializing. Consequently, in school, he would prefer to go to the library than make friends or hang out with his peers. As a result, he developed an inferiority complex and was scared of mingling.

Shiroe is remarkably humble; fearing to appear arrogant he became self-conscious. He is a goal-getter and will craftily use any possible means to achieve his targets provided he finds a greater good in it.

Naturally, he became an introvert and finds comfort staying indoors. His parents were barely at home. So in effect, he grew up without parental attachment. He, therefore, found comfort in gaming.

Shiroe began playing the game Elder Tale by 15 years. He was an Enchanter in the game and assumed the named Shiroe, (a shortened version of Shirogane).


The Catastrophe is a strange event that occurred and changed Shiroe’s life. Shiroe with Minori and Touya were surveying a beginners’ area for practice purposes. Then, something extraordinary happened. This was as soon as the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack was released. Shiroe’s computer screen was covered with absolute blackness. Immediately, the blackness consumed him. When he recovered, he was no longer in his room but rather found himself inside the fantasy game-city of Akiba.

Initially, he was confused and did not know where he was. Due to familiarity, he soon began wondering whether he was really inside the Elder Tale game. He satisfied his curiosity only after accidentally activating what looked like the in-game menu. It was only then he became convinced that somehow he was now a character in the game.

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To survive alone is like attempting suicide in the Elder Tale game. Therefore, players essentially had to belong to guilds to survive. But Shiroe was a lone kid and therefore had doubts about joining guilds. Apparently, this had to do with his nasty experiences. People had only tried to take advantage of his skills in the past. He, however, teamed up with an informal group of players known as the Debauchery Tea Party. He became their strategist.

Due to Shiroe’s shy nature, he chose an unpopular class in the Elder Tale game. His main class was therefore the Enchanter. The Enchanter is totally a support class. He chose Scribe as his subclass.


Even though Shiroe is very careful with making friends, he however joined a couple of groups for survival. Shiroe’s affiliations include:

  • Log Horizon and Log Horizon Season 3.
  • Round Table Alliance
  • Abyssal Shaft Raid Party
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Debauchery Tea Party


Enchanters have over a hundred skills to choose from and Shiroe is not an exception. Some of these skills include:

Accuracy Support– Increases accuracy.

Dispel Magic– It is used to get rid of magic effects for example; spells, enemy buffs, and magic traps.

Gain Immunity– strengthen your magic power, making some debuffs ineffective

Haste– boosts your action and speed

Spinning Fate– You can undo the Wheel of Fate and lessen the effect of bad luck.

Brain Vise– This is a psychic attack that works on the mind.

Pulse Bullet– Releases small bullets that locate and track targets.

Mana Leak– It cracks the magic power of targets thereby causing it to leak. It halts any special move made by the enemy before it takes effect

Karma Drive– With this effect, each attack you receive leads to the recovery of MP.

Gazing Eye– It increases the damage of spells

  • Naotsugu- Co-founder: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Hasegawa Naotsugu ranks next on the character list of Log Horizon Season 3. But most people commonly refer to him as Naotsugu. He is Shiroe’s most reliable ally and is also an ex-member of the former Debauchery Tea Party group.

Naotsugu is a tall youth with short, gray hair. His main class is referred to as the “Guardian”. He was once a devout player of the Elder Tale while in college. Upon graduation, he took up employment as a business. His business activities interfered with his gaming life therefore, he gave up gaming for employment. However, he tried to play the game one more time and got involved in the Catastrophe. He was also transported to the fantasy in-game world of Elder Tale.

Naotsugu actually preferred his fantasy life in the world of Elder Tales compared to his real life. Pointedly, he once said that if offered a chance between staying back and leaving; he would stay back. He enjoyed his new life in Elder Tales and was not willing to risk his life in any attempt aimed at going back home.


We know little about his relationship with his friends or his family life generally. Hasegawa Naotsugu was living with his dog. He was a faithful gamer until he took up employment as a businessman. As a result, he was no longer in the capacity to play Elder Tale committedly. During his gaming days, Naotsugu was an active and efficient member of the Debauchery Tea Party while in college. It was here that he made friends with Shiroe, Nyanta, and others. He and Shiroe have actually met on a few occasions in real life.

He left his gaming life for business in order to earn a living. Due to the demands of the business, he could not continue playing. Nevertheless, during the launch of the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack, he was tempted to play again. He finally satisfied the urge by login into the Elder Tale thereby becoming caught in the Catastrophe.


Naotsugu has been friends with Shiroe and Nyanta dating back to their days in the Debauchery Tea Party. He and his fellow team members embarked on various Raids to satisfy different purposes and objectives. He likewise participated in the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party and the Shibuya Raid Team.

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Naotsugu is full of mischief and earned the infamous titles of “Warrior of Panties” and an “open pervert”. He is fond of cracking annoying jokes targeting most especially women’s underwear. Naotsugu’s jokes usually earn him a knee in the face from no other person than Akatsuki.  Akatsuki does not find these jokes amusing.

He is the second-oldest member o

f Log Horizon thereby ranking high among the characters. And Naotsugu showed severally, his capacity, value as well as benefit to the guild. This earned him the respect of his fellow guild members.


  • Log Horizon and Log Horizon Season 3.
  • Abyssal Shaft Raid Party
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Debauchery Tea Party


Naotsugu is one of the main Guardians. Unlike the other guardians, he is the only one who is able to equip a shield. Below, you will find some of his skills and they include:

Armor Crash– This involves using a heavy weapon for example; an Axe or Hammer, to inflict a deadly blow on a target

Cross Slash– This requires gathering your energy into your weapon and striking twice in an X- shape.

Shield Smash– beating an enemy with your shield.

Shield Swing– You can achieve this by running into a target with your shield while dealing a deadly blow.

Anchor Howl– You can threaten your enemy by raising a loud fearful cry.

Castle of Stone– You can turn into the source of defense such as a still fortress of stone. You can take all the damage for a brief period. As a matter of fact, only Guardians possess this defense skill.

Shield Mastery– you can use it to increase the defense capacity of your shield

Resilience– A Guardian has a strong and durable body that recovers HP during battle.

Step Over– You can break a trap by force thereby disabling it so that you and your allies can safely pass.

  • Akatsuki-Co-founder and Senior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Akatsuki is among the players that were trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. Her actual name in the real world is Shizuka Hanekura. Her hair and eye color are purple. She was a college student from the Yamazaki Gakuen University before the Catastrophe occurred. Akatsuki comes from the main class of Assassin while her secondary class is Tracker and now in Log Horizon Season 3.

Akatsuki, along with Shiroe and Naotsugu, collectively are the founding members of Log Horizon. She is a loyal ally of Shiroe, accordingly, he tags up with her on many quests. She became friends with Shiroe after they found themselves in the same party. The went on different quests before the Apocalypse. Inasmuch as she looks very young, she is actually older than her appearance. Moreover, she is also in college just like Shiroe. She began to address Shiroe as Lord and joined his party, though this was after Shiroe helped her.


Shizuka Hanekura popularly known as Akatsuki was a student at Yamazaki Gakuen University and lived at home. She was rather too small for her age and not good at talking. Consequently, she became shy and avoided company. Akatsuki is so small people erroneously assume she is far younger than her age. This made socializing with her age mates quite difficult.

he eventually found pleasure and comfort in the virtual world. So she began to play Elder Tale and her favorite character is a ninja called Akatsuki. Shizuka chose Akatsuki whose original avatar in the Elder Tale is an Assassin that has purple hair and eyes. A tall male, Akatsuki appears in a purple hooded shirt, with armor on his shoulder and forehead areas. He wears brown belted pants, alongside knee-high boots and a purple scarf around his neck.

Because she played as a male character, (a silent ninja), she declined voice chat and only played solo. However, she would party up only for a special quest. It was during one of these quests that she became friends with Shiroe. Shiroe on the other hand never knew she was a girl at that time.


Akatsuki was also playing the Elder Tale when the catastrophe occurred. She was likewise trapped like other players who were similarly logged unto the Elder Tale. Akatsuki found herself trapped in the fantasy world of Theldesia after the Catastrophe. She however realizes that her chosen avatar is a male assassin and playing that character would end up being a disaster. Besides, she was not willing to reveal her real sex as a female player due to fear of harassment. This forced her to hide in a deserted building pending her next action.

After about five days’ wait, Akatsuki eventually found Shiroe and Naotsugu who were passing around those parts. It then occurred to her that Shiroe possessed an Appearance Reset Potion. She gathered the necessary courage and stopped both men. They were certainly shocked when she asked for the potion but granted her request.

With the Appearance Reset Potion, Akatsuki was able to change both her gender and size. She currently appears as a smallish female Assassin with purple eyes and a long ponytail.

After help from Shiroe, they become friends. Shiroe advised that Akatsuki join them, a request she gladly agreed to. As a mark of gratitude, she addressed Shiroe as Lord and began to treat him like one. It is over time that we come to understand that the supposed respect went beyond a lord and servant relationship. She was actually infatuated with Shiroe.


As soon as Akatsuki was able to change both her gender and size. she was able to socialize and make friends. She has the following affiliations :

  • Log Horizon Season 3
  • Akiba Raid Party
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Akiba Guild Hall Raid


She possesses three main builds and they are as follows: Shadow Blade (this involves sneak attacks and burst damage), Sniper ( makes use of long-range attacks), and Sword Dancer (it requires dual-wielders and it inflicts steady damage).

  • Accel Fang – This is a blow that cuts an enemy open while running through them.
  • Assassinate– It is Assassin’s most important skill. In comparison to the other weapon attacking classes, it has the strongest ability to cause instant and heavy damage. It has the potential of instantly killing enemies whose levels are far lower than that of the Assassin.
  • Death Stinge – This is a special ability laced with poison that destroys the enemy.
  • Extermination–  It involves the use of large, heavy weapons like longswords or scythes. It delivers a single deadly blow to the neck of the enemy which will certainly kill.
  • Rapid Shot– This delivers rapid-fire unceasingly.
  • Silent Sniper– With this skill, you can silently mark an enemy without them noticing.
  • Venom Strike– Laces your weapons with deadly poison. This increases its impact by making it more deadly.
  • Trinket Walk– Confuses the enemy with unclear movements.
  • Shake Off– It creates a smokescreen that totally blocks the enemy’s sight momentarily.

  • Nyanta- Head Chef, Co-founder, and Senior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

 Nyanta is from the race of felinoids. He was the Chief of the Debauchery Tea Party before it disbanded. He belongs to the main class of swashbuckler and his subclass is known as chef. This has enabled him to prepare pleasant delicacies which invariably save them from the tasteless food available in Elder Tale.

He is a fashion-savvy personality who is always mindful of his appearance as well as looks. In-game, he is tall and slim with purple and white hair color. You will always identify him in a green coat over a white shirt. With his grey breeches, you are sure to find him wearing brown leather gloves and a red scarf.

He married a college student some years before the Catastrophe. Comparatively, Nyanta is older than virtually all the other characters as he is said to be 40years. Before the Catastrophe, Nyanta was a member of The Cat Food Guild.

Nyanta Before the Catastrophe

Nyanta had married a lady he met in Tokyo even though he was still in college. This was before he even started playing Elder Tale. The couple lived happily together until tragedy struck. Nyanta’s wife fell sick and sadly, she died as a result thereof. Nyanta never fully recovered from his wife’s death. Soon after his wife’s death, he started playing the Elder Tale probably to forget the sad events of his life.

His opinion was among the most highly esteemed within the Tea Party. This is partly because of his status as the group’s eldest member. Nyanta is calm both in words and actions which indeed earned him the trust of the entire party. After the Tea Party had been disbanded, he lost interest momentarily. His playtime became irregular and inconsistent. This even made his party not to send him an invitation to join the West Wind Brigade.

Nyanta After the Catastrophe

While Nyanta was logged on to the elder tale, he too was caught up by the Catastrophe. He tagged with Shiroe and the others to form the Debauchery Tea Party. On their return to Akiba, Nyanta disclosed the secret to Real Food Preparation to the group.

Nyanta is a true gentleman, you can see this from his polite criticism of other players that go wrong. He is generally kind to all and does not tolerate any form of ill-treatment. He is loyal and reliable to his friends and is always ready to bring his fighting skills to their aid.

As a result, Nyanta was chosen as one of the teachers at the Summer Training Camp. Here, he had the responsibility of teaching young players how to improve and perfect their battle skills. While here, he also served as the head cook.

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Nyanta’s Affiliations

Nyanta is a very sociable character. He does not have problems making new friends or joining new teams. You cannot underestimate his leadership capabilities. He was the leader of the Debauchery tea party before it disbanded. He is also a very patient and calm teacher. Below are his past and present affiliations;

  • Log Horizon
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Debauchery Tea Party
  • Cat Food
Sample Builds

The Swashbuckler has basically 4 builds, and this is based on the selected weapon.

The builds are as follows:

  • Dual Blade (dual-wielders)

You can carry two lightweight weapons in order to perform an attack. With this tool, you can carry out successive attacks to overpower your opponent.  With high speed, Nyanta can effectively carry and use dual rapier to deal deadly hits on opponents.

  • Fencer (single-blade)

This is for the single blade user. You can inflict great damage from this one-handed. It is common and a favorite among those who don’t go for raids frequently. While some people prefer the one-handed blade others prefer the dual-blade. This is, however, a matter of choice, skills, and ability

  • Gladiator (sword-and-buckler)

This is a build that consists of a Sword and Buckler. It is another weapon available to Swashbucklers. You can select and use it to achieve your desired effects.

  • Juggler (throwing weapons)

This build involves throwing weapons. They are very rare builds and this is primarily as a result of the cost of the ammunition. However, if you acquire this long-range tool, the benefits are immense. You can throw weapons from a distance thereby delivering severe hits to targets.

  • Minori- Junior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Minori Housaki is a young twin in Log Horizon. She ties her short brown hair beautifully into a ponytail. She is also among those that were trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale.

Minori is from the main class Kannagi. Her initial secondary class was Tailor, however, she later swapped to “Apprentice”. This enabled her to become Shiroe’s official pupil thereby helping her learn new skills from him.

Now Also in Log Horizon Season 3.

She normally dresses as a Japanese shrine maiden who is a healer. You will always identify her wearing a red and white traditional Japanese costume. At first, when Minori and Touya started to play Elder Tale, their initial quests were total failures. It was not until they met Shiroe that their gameplay improved.

Minori went on to become a great character after the Catastrophe in the Elder Tale. She even held a leadership position such as being the leader of the Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party. Also, she was a member of the Shibuya Raid Team.


Minori and her twin decided to play the elder tales. On their very first day of play, they made very slow and painful progress. The kept on witnessing one failure upon another. They were still at level six when they met Shiroe. Minori and her twin brother asked him how to gain skills and cast healing spells.

Even though it was not in Shiroe’s usual character to make friends, he decided to help the two. Using the Teacher System, he thought them how to play the Elder Tales. Minori and her twin requested that Shiroe should escort them through the beginner level. He accepted, so, he had to reduce his avatar’s stats so he could safely travel and assist them. As a matter of fact, the system lowered his level to just about one or two levels higher than theirs. He did this so he could be in a reasonable position to function as their mentor.

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It was while Minori and her brother were exploring the beginner level with Shiroe that the Catastrophe occurred.  Immediately, they were separated from Shiroe. She and her brother consequently lost the only help they had. So they decided to join a new guild named the Hamelin in other to improve on their experience and levels. However, this was not to be as the Hamelin guild masters only exploited their low-level players.


After the Catastrophe occurred, Minori and Touya both lost contact with Shiroe. They decided to join a new guild to improve their experience. The Hamlin masters met the twins and induced them to join their guild. The Hamlin masters deliberately fooled them that Hamelin was a guild that was specifically meant to aid beginners. Minori and Touya subsequently joined them. However, Minori and her twin were disappointed because the masters of the Hamelin guild did not stick to their words. They used Touya in their battle strategies but held Minori as a hostage at their guild house.

Luckily, the Hamelin guild was disbanded, and Minori went on to join Log Horizon. The twins first ran into Lelia and Litka who rescued them and brought them to the Log Horizon. After their rescue, Minori and her twin joined Log Horizon. She again started to learn the Elder Tale’s game under her former mentor Shiroe. Shiroe thought her various skills and even proceeded to teach her how to head a raid. Minori went on to lead the Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party. She wanted to become a strategist just like Shiroe. Soon, she came to realize that she had fallen in love with him. But she was forced to compete for Shiroe’s affection with Akatsuki. As earlier stated, Minori was also a member of the Shibuya Raid Team.


Minori’s affiliations are as follows:

  • Log Horizon
  • Touya’s Party
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party
  • Hamelin


There are basically three builds available for the Kannagi class.

  • Shaman/Prayer Miko- This is a support build that lays emphasis on reducing damage as well as healing.
  • War Miko- This is an attack melee build. It uses naginata or katana to attack.
  • Bow Miko- This build focuses on ranged weapons and magic.

  • Touya- Junior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Touya is a 14-year old student trapped in the Elder Tale. Touya’s real name is Touya Housaki and he is Minori’s twin. His class is Samurai while his subclass is Accountant. Touya had a ghastly car accident in the real world. He almost died as a result of the accident. Even though he survived the accident, it completely paralyzed him. The accident in effect bound him to a wheelchair for life. The event left him deeply traumatized. Touya started playing Log Horizon to clear his mind. Touya and Minori were also trapped while playing the Elder Tale. After Shiroe and his friends rescued them from the Hamlins, Touya joined Log Horizon alongside his twin sister.


During his childhood, Touya had a fatal accident that paralyzed and bound him to a wheelchair for life. The accident cut short Touya’s outdoor life because he could not go outside at will. In essence, the accident limited his social life. These events seriously affected him both in mind and physically. The effect was that he was traumatized. The twins consequently convinced their parents to allow them to play Elder Tale. This was a way of escape from the trauma and the parents agreed. Their first attempt at playing was not encouraging. However, they met Shiroe who offered to help them. It was while Touya and Minori were learning from Shiroe that the Catastrophe occurred.


Although some Log Horizon members see the Catastrophe as a piece of ill-luck, Touya does not. He views it as his opportunity to have a new, life, and body again. Touya is apparently happy that in the fantasy world of Log Horizon, he is able to use his legs once again. He usually wears a samurai armor and bears a katana.


The Catastrophe separated Touya and Minori from Shiroe immediately it occurred. They discovered that they were trapped in the world of Elder Tale. Nevertheless, the twins agreed to check-out the new world. The Hamelin master approached them and requested that they should join their guild.

The guild turned out to be an evil guild that was looking for new players under the guise of helping them. The guild masters collected the free EXP Pots given to new players daily and sold them to large guilds.

They sent Touya to hunt monsters for valuable items while his twin was a hostage at the guild house. Soon, Minori was able to contact Shiroe and his team. The team subsequently rescued the Hamelin’s captives and forcefully disbanded the guild. The twins later joined the Log Horizon and they went on interesting quests.


Touya formed a Party that he named after himself (Touya’s Party). They went on various quests such as The Dungeon Ragranda Forest, acquired Dazaneg’s Magic Bag, and fought against the Wyvern invasion. The party had various members and they are:

  • Touya
  • Minori
  • Serara
  • Rundelhaus Code
  • Isuzu
  • Roe2
  • Dariella

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Some of their skills are as follows:

  • Taunt: this is a Special mind manipulation skill that erases both the Samurai and his allies off the enemy’s radar
  • Rania’s Capture: this deadly offensive skill is capable of damaging an opponent’s vocal cords. The consequence of this attack is that it prevents enemies from casting their own spells.
  • Izuna Cutter: Samurai have a rather limited number of long-range attack skills. This is one of such long-range attack skill. It is as deadly as it is effective.
  • Whirlwind Cutter: One of the Samurai also possesses another deadly skill known as the Whirlwind Cutter. This is another deadly skill with heavy consequences for the enemy.
  • Lone Dash: the Samurai possess a special skill known as the lone dash. Touya can actually boost his movement and speed but only for a short interval.
  • Air Manipulation– He can actually make whirlwinds and use same as a battle weapon
  • Sound Manipulation– He can send messages to allies that are registered on his friend’s list,
  • Information Analysis– Again, as an Adventurer, Touya can actually read the statuses of other players
  • Resurrection– as an Adventurer, Touya has a soul that cannot die. That is, he gets resurrected at the cathedral each time he dies
  • Automatic Translation– Adventurers have the power of automatic translation. Even though they cannot speak the language of the People of the Earth, they can however understand it.

  • Rundelhaus Code- Junior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Rundelhaus also known as Rudy, is a young noble from the People of the Earth in the Elder Tale. He has blond hair with blue eyes. Rundelhaus is from the main class Sorcerer while his subclass is Adventurer. He is presently a member of Log Horizon. He was before then a member of the Shibuya Raid Team, Now in Log Horizon Season 3.

Rundelhaus Code is an Earthling who pretended to be an Adventurer. This was in spite of the fact that he did not possess an adventurer’s abilities such as, resurrection after death. He is a strong Sorcerer whose spells were focused on offensive magic. When he was fatally injured and at the point of death, he was fortunate to be offered a new contract of life by Shiroe. Shiroe used a new type of magic to save Rudy and even grant him his dream (offering him the class of an Adventurer). He became a member of Log Horizon with his friend Isuzu.


Rundelhaus is more or less, a Person of the Earth, that is an Earthling. He is not an Adventurer even though he led the others believe that he was one. Naturally as a Person of the Earth, he has a far lower EXP gain. He also has lesser natural combat ability, but most significantly, he cannot revive after death.

Rundelhaus is the third son of a corrupt ruling military family from the Ninetails Dominion. He grew up in a very corrupt noble family, and this fact frustrated him. Rundelhaus’ frustration with his family led him to envy and long for the freedom and righteousness of Adventurers. The more he grew up, the more he was fascinated by the apparent freedom and justice of Adventurers who defended his people.

He decided to become like one of these adventurers. To this end, he naturally chose and played the adventurer as his in-game avatar. It was while playing on one of these occasions that he got trapped by the catastrophe.


After the Catastrophe, Rundelhaus love for the Adventurers subsequently made him take on the appearance of an Adventurer. His admiration and efforts to acquire the status of Adventurer led to Rundelhaus sacrificing himself. He actually offered himself in order to defeat their opponents. This particular incident occurred during the defense of Choushi from Sahuagins invaders. Rundelhaus and his party really fought hard. But it was clear that they were no match for their rivals.

Out of fear of total destruction, Minori requested help from their guild master Shiroe. Shiroe soon arrived and succeeded in saving Rudy. He did this by offering him a top-class contract that he created. His dream of being an adventurer was fulfilled at the point of death. Rundelhaus has now become both an Earthling and at the same time an Adventurer. His unique status became an added advantage to both him and the group.


Rundelhaus does not have many affiliations like other members of the Log Horizon. Nevertheless, that is not to underestimated his capacity. He has proved himself worthy variously with his services. His affiliations are:

  • Log Horizon
  • Shibuya Raid Team

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Sorcerers have two main builds and they are: Nuker and Combat Rage Nuker. You can choose any of them and use them as desired.


This is basically a damage wrecker. Its strong battery increases the damage that has been dealt. Even if Sorcerers decide to be mobile in order to avoid enemy attacks, they can still make use of it. There are different types of Nuker builds in existence. While some Nukers may concentrate on wide-range damage, others expand their range. Examples of Nuker builds include, Flare Arrow, Lattice Syntax, and Lamination Syntax.

When a Sorcerer of this build attacks with this build, he becomes vulnerable. Therefore, he may need a party to protect him when on the offensive. Virtually all the Sorcerers of this build wear traditional robes and use magic wands.

Rundelhaus Code has more expertise on spells that require short cast- times and cool-downs. This is primarily because he is very impatient.

Combat Rage

This is a melee-range magical attacker. It is a short-range tool but very powerful. It requires Sorcerers to draw close before they can unleash any deadly attack. It’s quite dangerous, but MP-efficient.


  • Isuzu- Junior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Isuzu Tonan is a high school student and is 17 years of age. She is from the main class; Bard and the subclass; Nomad. She has brown hair color and eyes. She wears long braided- ponytail both in the Elder Tale game and the real world. Isuzu Tonan is tall and abnormally skinny which is however due to hormonal issues during puberty, and she also in Log Horizon Season 3.

Unlike some of the players, Isuzu is not an old gamer. In other words, she had not played Elder Tale for long before she was trapped by the Catastrophe. As a matter of fact, the week she got trapped marked her first experience at Elder Tale. She is a bewitching musician. With her songs, she possesses the magical ability to cast debuffs at apparent enemies.

Before the Catastrophe

Isuzu was a high-school student before the Catastrophe occurred. She had a hormone problem during her growing up years. She was a passionate lover of music. This went a long way in determining what she turned out to be after the catastrophe. One day, her brother decided to give her one week pass so she could play Elder Tale. Predictably, she instantly fell in love with the Bard class. However, she had intentions of leaving the game after the pass expired. But that was not to be as the Catastrophe trapped her.

Isuzu’s love for music can be traced to the father. Isuzu’s father was a professional musician. She respected and held him in high esteem. This inspired her love for music, she constantly wished to be a musician too. However, her father thought otherwise, he told her that music was not meant for her. He advised her to search for a new career and forget about music.

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Isuzu After the Catastrophe

Isuzu is quite an able fighter. She fights fearless and has embarked on many quests. Her fearlessness was displayed during the attack of the Wyverns and Nightshades. Isuzu and her colleagues gallantly defended the town of Saphir which was under attack. With her song, she was able to save them magically. After the battle had ended and victory was won, Isuzu and Rudy heard Earthling children joyously singing her song. When she became aware that even the Earthlings had heard her song, she became emotional. She wept with joy.

She is a brave and emotional character. The Earthlings fell in love with Isuzu after they heard her sing. This is despite the fact that the Earthlings language different from that of the Adventurers. Interestingly, Earthlings have only 42 songs in total. Basically, they cannot make more than that number, thus Isuzu’s music sounded very unique and new. Isuzu was unaware of this fact; it was Rundelhaus that disclosed it to her. Each time the earthlings heard her songs, it made Earthlings happy. Consequently, Rundelhaus urged her to continue playing them for the listening pleasure of Earthlings.

Isuzu’s Affiliations

  • Log Horizon
  • Touya’s Party
  • Shibuya Raid Team
  • Crescent Moon Alliance
  • Hamelin

Isuzu’s Skills

Isuzu has many skills to chose from and they include the following amongst others:

Arpeggio– This is the broken chord. It is an attack that causes musical notes to shoot out from the target when the target is under attack.

Dissonance Scream– you can confuse enemies by uttering a harsh discordant tune to deal a small amount of damage to opponents within that area.

Elegant Act– this is a beautiful but dangerous dance. Depending on the weapon, you can perform several dance attacks. Firstly, when using a sword, you can refer to it as a sword dance. Secondly, when it is a spear, you can twist the spear just like a baton to achieve the desired blow. Finally, when performing with a scythe, you can also twist and twirl the scythe.

Maestro Echo– For about 30 seconds, you can copy a particular ally’s magic attack and use it on an enemy victim.

Anthem of the Affectionate Mother– You can increase the HP recovery rate of allies.

Ballad of the Slowpoke Snail– this is an offensive spell-song with several effects. It can gradually cause some damage as well as reduce the enemy’s speed

Dirge of the Trapped Lion– this is an attack spell-song. It traps enemies within a confined area and inflicts damage on them continuously.

Lullaby of the Mermaid in Moonlight– with this support curse song, you can cause the enemy to Sleep.

Venomoid Tarantella– this is necessary when you want to hasten recovery.

Repeated Notes– you can immediately repeat a particular attack on the same victim.

Performance– When you need finance, this is relevant. You can perform at different places to make money

Bard Style– you can use it to increases your endurance level.


  • Tetora- Senior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Tetora is a teenage girl with pink colored pony-tails. In reality, Tetora is a male but had actually chosen a female avatar in the Elder Tale. Her main class is Cleric, whereas, her subclass is Idol. She was also trapped in the Elder Tale but as a female character. She has however chosen to remain as a female in the elder tale.


Tetora’s sex has caused some misunderstanding between her and fellow guild members. The guild members have always wondered what her sex was. Whenever they asked her about it, she would answer evasively. Conclusively, however, while Tetora is male, the avatar is female.


Tetora was also playing the Elder Tale when the Catastrophe occurred. Her meeting with the Log Horizon members was a game-changer for her. She first appeared landing face-wise into a mass of snow before Naotsugu and Regan.Together, both men were looking for more members when they came across her. At that time, Shiroe was not with them as he had gone to visit Silver Sword. Naotsugu and ReGan discussed her hot pants as she tried to get herself up. As time went by, she became very good friends with Naotsugu. Not long after, Naotsugu asked her to join the Abyssal Shaft raid which she did.


Subsequently, Tetora asked Shiroe if they would allow her to join Log Horizon. He gave his consent and she was consequently accepted into the Log Horizon. Even though Shiroe knew Tetora’s gender because Kazuhiko had revealed it to him, some like Naotsugu did not.

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The Cleric class has two basic abilities; healing and recovery. Tetora also possesses these builds with some variations. Therefore, two main builds are available for Clerics and they are as follows:

  • Armor Cleric- This is a mixed melee attack that has a recovery ability. Clerics however have to be near their allies in other to heal them.
  • High Healer- this build is specifically for healing purposes. It is a build that helps allies with both magical attacks as well as with recovery spells. Tetora is no doubt a very useful member of the guild with these skills.


Tetora’s skills include:

  • Cure
  • Firefly Light
  • Heal
  • Healing Light
  • Sanctuary
  • Aurora Heal

  • Lelia Mofur- Junior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Lelia Mofur is a female in her Late Teens. Just like her sister Litka, she is also from the race of Wolf Fang. She is from the main class Monk, while her subclass is Sigilmancer. Lelia was also trapped in the Elder Tale alongside her sister. The Elder Tale is an imaginary Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Lelia is an Ancient in the Knights of Izumo together with her younger sister. She joined the Log Horizon just as Volume 13 was coming to an end with Log Horizon Season 3.


Shiroe, together with his allies established The Log Horizon. For many years, Shiroe refused invitations and offers from different guilds to join them. However, he soon saw the need to belong to a guild due to certain factors. Firstly, he wanted to restore peace in the city of Akiba. Secondly, Shiroe wanted to reduce the threat of large guilds. Some guilds such as Hamelin had become mean and abusive. Log Horizon has primarily a total of 12 members. This represents one for each class on the Yamato server. Lelia along with her sister joined the Log Horizon and also in Log Horizon Season 3.


Before the Catastrophe, Lelia and Litka had been playing the elder tale game. They were however notorious on the Yamato server for getting into trouble. Lelia and her sister were also logged into the Yamato server when Homesteading the Noosphere was released. Homesteading the Noosphere is the twelfth expansion pack of the extremely famous MMORPG Elder Tale. The expansion pack was basically a new update that introduced new quests, items, monsters, as well as battles to Elder Tale.

This expansion pack was released midnight of May 3, 2018. The release trapped over 30,000 players inside the game from Japan alone. Lelia and her sister who were also playing at that particular moment did not escape the Catastrophe.


The Monk has the highest HP stats compared to the other eleven classes. The class also possesses a high evasion rate. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to attacks no matter how specialized it is.

Moreover, the Monk class have cooldowns that are very brief. This enables them to attack nonstop while causing the opponent serious damage. Lelia also possesses a vast collection of attack techniques as a Monk.

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  • Kung Fu Monk- Based off of a standard grappling fighting style.
  • Kicker- A attack and move fighting style

  • Litka Mofur- Junior Member: LOG HORIZON SEASON 3

Litka Mofur is a girl from the race of Wolf Fang. She has an eye color that is rose-pink while the hair color is green. Litka’s main class is Druid, while her subclass is Collector. She was also trapped in the Elder Tale alongside her sister Lelia. She soon joined the Log Horizon and in Log Horizon Season 3.

Shiroe formed this guild along with his friends, Akatsuki, Naotsugu, and Nyanta, and others. Litka and her sister Lelia joined them. The friends established it in Akiba after the Catastrophe had occurred. Shiroe and his friends had the primary goal of destroying the evil guild Hamelin. After they had achieved that feat, the next quest was to re-establish peace and order to Akiba.

The Catastrophe

The Japanese kept their promise by releasing the game’s twelfth expansion pack titled, Homesteading the Noosphere. Just as they released it on May 3, 2018, something strange occurred. Every player who was logged into the Elder Tale at that moment became trapped inside the game. Accordingly, more than 30,000 Japanese players had logged into the Yamato at that moment including Litka.

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The Catastrophe went beyond Japan and affected other players too. Worldwide, over a hundred thousand players found themselves trapped too. They soon saw themselves in the fantasy world of the Elder Tale. People refer to this event by various names. These names include the Catastrophe, the May Incident, the Third World Fraction, the Apocalypse, the Revolution, and the Eclipse.

Aside from these players, Travelers were also transported into the Elder Tale world. Unlike the players, the Travelers actually involved themselves purposely in the event. Thus Litka found that she and her sister were trapped too.


Druid usually stands behind the back of the attackers, holding a wooden staff. The Druids have three main builds and they are:

  • Witch Doctor– This build focuses on Pulse Recovery spells. Pulse Recovery spells heal over time. Litka can cast support spells while hanging in the rear. They don’t head the attack but only cast their spells when they are safe from enemy attacks. Thus, their main duty is to protect the attack Classes from the rear during battles. Druids also have the capacity to employ instant healing spells in other to aid their party’s HP. Some of their very effective spells include Heal and Healing Wind. Note that since the Druid class focuses on healing, recovery, and support, they usually have a very low attack force or power.
  • Shaman– Druids are basically a Recovery class and not an attack class. However, even as Shamans, they possess some rather powerful attack spells such as Wind, Icicle Ripper, Lightning Fall, and Hail. Litka can also perform some deadly attacks but there is a limit to how far she can go.
  • Absorber– This is a melee-based MP recovery build.


Fans have been asking if the producers have canceled Log Horizon Season 3. The producers of the series have not canceled it despite long delays. Almost all of Log Horizon’s light novel series, manga series, and its anime adaptation have been extremely popular among fans. Seasons 1 and 2 both have high ratings. Fans are asking for a third season which many think is long overdue.

However, due to a couple of reasons I stated above, the producers stalled the release of season 3. There are now hints of a possible release in the early half of 2021.

First and foremost, the producers of Log Horizon light novels have started to publish again. Therefore, this shows that the producer may possibly continue production in the future.

Again, despite Mamare’s legal battles, he never really stopped writing the Season 3.

The official twitter handle of “Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table” has thankfully confirmed it. They have offered January 2021 as the release date for the Log Horizon Season 3. NHK Educational TV will premiere it as usual.

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