Louis Vuitton unveils pricey £750 face shield

Louis Vuitton face shield

The Louis Vuitton face shield might be the most expensive face shield in the market.

The shield visor has golden stud imprints, a strap with the Louis Vuitton symbol. It also has a photochromatic visor that changed color from transparent to dark under sunlight.

The importance of face shields is growing since the pandemic started. It had become an everyday thing used by people. A face shield is seen as a practical item without necessarily being attractive.  Louis Vuitton has officially announced that they will release their own face shield.

Additionally, on October 30th, the will launch the Louis Vuitton face shield. “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.” a description by Louis Vuitton. People have been wearing different styles of masks, seems like face shields are going to start its own share of fashion journey.

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One of the best features of this face shield is that it can also be worn as a cap. Basically it is the person who needs to flip the shield to turn it into a cap.

The French fashion house flogged a monogrammed jacket for £2,010 and a pair of matching jeans for £1,210. There is also a T-shirt with the Louis Vuitton initials. The company gave a description of the clothes “Designed in collaboration with the iconic Japanese designer Nigo, this denim piece offers a patchwork of Louis Vuitton signatures,”.

Masks before the Louis Vuitton face shield:

Due to the pandemic, wearing a face mask is mandatory. Eventually, it has become a fashion statement. Famous personalities like Kylie Jenner have started a trend of wearing masks that match your outfits. In Desi weddings, brides are wearing masks that match their lehengas. People are finding more ways to make the mask a fashion trend.

The Louis Vuitton face shield will start the trend of the fashionable face shield. However, as the first fashionable face shield is expensive for most people to buy, it can get some negative publicity.

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