‘Love, Lights, Hanukkah!’: Meet Mia Kirshner, and rest of the cast of Hallmark’s film

Hallmarks love,lights,Hanukkah!- see detailed storyline, cast members and everything about this movie. see why it differ from other movies


Hallmarks New Hanukkah Film :

Holiday seasons begins with lots of holiday movies. As due to coronavirus people can’t go out as much as they would in holidays. So the demand for good holiday movies is also increasing. This time Hallmarks ‘Love, lights, Hanukkah’ is definitely a unique take on Hanukkah to consider watching this year.

As lifetime and Hallmark known for their Holiday movies are coming with new concepts seems like indoor Holidays will not be that boring.

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All about Hallmarks ‘Love, Lights, Hanukkah’:

STORYLINE: So let’s see what makes this movie different from other Hanukkah-based movies.

No offense to other movies in this concept but First of all, I would like to add. If you are making a movie on a certain concept movie’s focus should be that topic. But in other films I have seen only mentioning the concept a few times and not showing the real meaning of Hanukkah is something I just can’t understand.

Having said that ‘Love lights Hanukkah’ did total justice in this area. An Italian Restaurant owner finding her ancestry. Later found that she is Jewish met with a close relative later revealed to be her biological mother. So the story revolves around how a mother teaches her daughter their traditions and celebrations. This film has shown complete Hanukkah traditions like lighting Menorah, having Jewish meals, and all the little things that include in this festivity. And how a daughter is eager to learn her newly found religious traditions while balancing her past traditions like celebrations of Christmas.

The characters and story are so well written. And the main motive of the movie i.e, balancing Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations is crystal clear.

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Meet the CAST :

Hallmarks love lights Hanukkah
Hallmarks love lights Hanukkah
  •  Mia Kirshner as Christiana (A daughter who found her biological mother after years and now learning new traditions)
  • Marilu Henner as Ruth ( Teaching her daughter how to celebrate This Festival of Lights)
  • Ben savage as David (Christina’s love interest)
  • Brandi Alexander as Janet
  • Bradley Stryker as Eddie.

 RELEASE DATE:    Premiere on 13 December 2020 at 9 pm ET on Hallmark.


A great Hanukkah movie story is really as the name suggests. You will definitely feel an emotional connection with the characters. A great movie with a well-written story.

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