Real-life gay couple Ben Lewis and Blake Lee Star in Lifetime’s first LGBTQ holiday movie ‘The Christmas setup’

The Christmas setup
The Christmas setup

Lifetime’s first LGBTQ holiday movie :

2020 is the year in which the world has seen so much. But time and again there’s always a piece of good news and outcome that keep us going. So here is Lifetime’s first LGBTQ holiday movie. Which is a great initiative by the channel to normalize gay lovers.

There were very few movies, in which the storyline is completely focused on gay couples especially holiday movies. As people around the world are now more accepting and vocal about their sexual preferences it is definitely a great time to focus on this kind of love story rather than showing typical male and female leads.

Read further to know what’s in the movie. And has it delivered its motive.

‘The Christmas setup’:

As ‘The Christmas setup’ is Lifetime’s first LGBTQ holiday movie. Expectations were really high since it’s announced. Holiday movies always give that loving and warm vibes. Let’s see if this movie managed to break stereotypes.


Hugo went to Milwaukee his hometown to meet his mother Kate and Lil’s brother Aiden with his best friend Madelyn for Christmas. When he reached home he saw something unexpected. Yes, you guessed it, his high school crush Patrick. As this was lifetime’s first LGBTQ holiday movie expectations were also very high.
Watching their storyline developing is so heartwarming. Those little sparks and love are in the air kind of situation are the movie’s highlights. Their chemistry in the movie is out of the world. Maybe because they are real-life couples.

As Hugo is a lawyer he got an offer for a job in London. Now he must decide what’s next to his love interest since high school or job in London. Watch ‘The Christmas setup’ if you want to know Hugo’s answer. As it is premiered already on 12th December 2020.


Lifetime’s first LGBTQ holiday movie ‘The Christmas setup’
Lifetime’s first LGBTQ holiday movie. ‘The Christmas setup’
  • Ben Lewis (Hugo)
  • Blake lee (Patrick)
  • Fren Drescher (Kate)
  • Ellen Wong (Madelyn)
  • Chad Connell (Aiden)


‘The Christmas setup’ is a heartfelt great holiday movie. Leads chemistry is just on another level. Lifetime has shown mother being a matchmaker is really a wise move. As parents, we’re not as supportive.
Overall a holiday movie that is worth watching.

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