Why Reginald Hudlin’s ‘Safety’ movie is nothing like football on TV

Reginald Hudlin’s ‘safety’ Movie :

Reginald Hudlin’s ‘safety’ Movie released on December 11, 2020. See what makes this movie different from other sports-oriented flicks. How college freshman Became a guardian to an 11-year boy. Will he able to balance his career, studies, and of course this newly added responsibility.

So Let’s find out with the help of some points.

Why ‘Safety’ Is nothing like Football on Tv:

There are two possibilities if we are talking about football on TV. So the first is a football game. While we are watching games more like a live ones. There is no way we can get BTS (behind the scene and not boy band). So all we watch is the player’s performance whether they are good or bad day. We really don’t know the reasons for that.

Second is TV shows based on games, especially like Football. They just focus on the glamorous part of the story and if they ever show difficulties they all have the same storyline. Reginald Hudlin’s safety Movie is a very unique take on struggle and viewers can totally connect with the characters.

It is safe to say safety has successfully broken stereotypes for old Disney sports movies.

Safety Synopsis (SPOILER ALERT) :

Safety is a story of a brotherly bond. When a college freshman forced to be a guardian of his 11 years old brother. When their mother went to rehabilitate for drug usage. How he raises his young brother on his college campus and focuses on different aspects of life. Story of a boy who is focusing on his football career obviously studies and now his younger brother and thriving for success.

Watch Trailer: safety| official Trailer| Disney+

The full movie is available on Disney+

This movie will definitely make you laugh, cry, empathize every emotion is packed under a single movie. It’s definitely worth watching this movie.

Reginald Hudlin’s safety Movie
Reginald Hudlin’s safety Movie. Based on the real-life story of Clemson football player Ray McElrathbey (Ray Ray)

Cast members :

  • Jay Reeves as Ray-Ray
  •  Corinne fox as Kaycee  Hunter Sansone as Daniel
  • Thaddeus J Mixson as Fahmar McElrathbey
  • Amanda Warren as Tonya McElrathbey


  • Regina Hudlin’s safety Movie is released on 11 December 2020.
  • This movie is different from other Disney sports movie
  • Great movie with an emotional and unique take on football
  • A must watch

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