Deltarune’s Chapter 2 to be completed by the end of 2020

Deltarun chapter 2

It’s been almost 2 years since the release of the first chapter of Undertales Sequel. And I know most of you are wondering how the rest is developing. Well, we now know all thanks to the creator Fox that Deltarune’s Chapter 2 is set to be finished before 2020 ends. That’s saying something for the progress. Keep in mind that Deltarune’s Chapter 2 was more complex to design because it has more complicated systems and graphics. Add to that the creator Toby Fox has been experiencing Wrist Pains. So all this considered the progress is more than good.

Despite all these reasons and delays, the good news is that Fox has completed a Readable Outline for all the chapters in the game. As well as pass dialogues and music examples for every cut scene in the game have also been completed. Now that Deltarune’s Chapter 2 will be completed by end of the year it can act as a base for further sequels.

All we Know About Chapter 2

Unlike Undertales, Deltarune will be released in chapters and since the release of Undertales Toby and his team have been working on the next installment. And in a recent blog post, Fox had detailed the progress he had made.

Deltarune's Chapter 2
Deltarune’s Chapter 2

Since March 2019 work on Deltarune’s Chapter 2 was initiated but for most of this time, the work was being done on different engines and not Game Maker. But after a lot of work Fox decided to go back to Game Makers. So the formal production had really picked up around this May.

Content-wise the work on Deltarune’s Chapter 2 is done. As for what is beyond Chapter 2 Fox has also said that a readable outline and music for all the chapters in the game are done. He has even made amazing progress in Chapter 3 too. But despite having planned so many things and worked on the outline Fox believes that what he thinks at the last minute matters most.

So he hasn’t committed to any release dates. Though he assured that Deltarune’s Chapter 2 will be done at the end of 2020. We are not quite sure when it will actually release. Perhaps sometime in 2021, that’s not a far stretch. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Deltarune’s Chapter 1 on your PC, Switch, or PS4.



Deltarun chapter 2 Gameplay will for the most part in the same as the previous installment. the previous game had essentially random monster encounters as the character moved across the world map. Once a combat sequence was initiated the battle was set up like Final Fantasy one. That is a turn-based combat sequence where the player chooses the actions of the characters. Then the monsters have a chance to attack in return. The original game had a feature referred to as bullet hell which was the main focus of combat.

However, Deltarun chapter 2 has made some changes in the gameplay. At least that is what has been revealed in the development updates. First, the bullet hell event has been removed though some of the elements of it are going to be implement. Additionally, the other major change that has been confirmed is the removal of random encounters. Instead, players will be able to see monsters on the world map. This means the player has a chance to avoid monsters that are too strong for them to defeat. Also, it means that a character can avoid combat entirely as they make their way through the game. This means that if Deltarun chapter 2 has an achievement for no combat it’s easier to get.




Fans have been asking where they can find the Deltarun chapter 2 trailer. Contrary to popular belief there is no official trailer at this time. What has been seen floating around the Internet are fed and made trailers. These mostly use cobbled together screenshots and video capture from the first game. fan made trailers and often expressed boredom or a possibility of where a game might go, they usually lack focus. That is to say, most of these traders usually get story and gameplay or graphics wrong.

That being said fans can get some idea what is to come in the new game. Over the update sequence that the developers have included several screenshots. It has been confirmed that these screenshots are direct captures from Deltarun chapter 2 work in progress. This means that the screenshot shows the possibility of what the game will be. To be fair, there is every possibility that these are test pieces and will not actually appear in the game. Moreover, if they are actually test pieces, they may not actually represent the final product.


more chapters


Surprisingly, even though Deltarun chapter 2 has not yet been released some fans are asking will there be more chapters. Specifically, will there be a chapter 3 or more after the end of the current game. the answer this question is yes. While nothing is 100% set stone has been confirmed that the developers are planning least three chapters. More precisely, one of the updates for the progress of chapter 2 stated the progress of chapters 3+. Obviously, this implies that there could be many more chapters in the series. It has also been confirmed that there is a complete outline for the entirety of the game including all chapters. so, whether it actually happens it is clear that the producers are hoping to produce more games in the series.


release date


The biggest question on Deltarun chapter 2 fans minds is when will the game will be available. Unfortunately, no official release date has been made available to the public. The numerous updates about the progress of the game have shown promising results. That is to say, the producers have stated that the game be develops quickly. In fact, it appears to be taking less time than the original game took to produce. Additionally, the producers have stated that they would like the game to be available by the end of 2020.

However, that update was some time ago and has not yet been confirmed as a hard fact. Additionally, the developers also stated that the estimation of a given did not take into account final editing. It didn’t take into account the amount time it might take debugging certain parts of the code or reworking dialogue. This means that the game may not release when the developers are hoping it will be. So the game could be available by the end of December or sometime in 2021. As with all things until the developers actually reveal the distribution date anyone’s guess is good. People who wish to play Deltarun chapter 2 will be able to play it PC, Nintendo switch, and PS five. Of course that is assuming that the game will be available in the next year or so.

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