Recently Footage Released of Manhunt for Discovery Island Trespasser at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney: Due to the pandemic, all public places have been closed. The Walt Disney Parks are no exception. The parks have been closed for over a month now. However, this has not stopped people from experiencing the magic of Disney. There were already reports of a man trespassing the Walt Disney’s property. A video has been released of the Manhunt for him.

watch: Manhunt for suspected Disney island trespasser

He was caught camping on the Walt Disney World Resort property in April. He has now been banned from Disney world and has also been charged for his crime. The odd thing is that he was caught camping  in an abandoned Discovery island in the bay lake.

As per sources,  Richard McGuire( 42 years, lives in Florida)  was seen on the Disney World property on Thursday. the Sheriff informs the channel that the search was not limited on foot, but a helicopter and a boat is also used

As the police were searching for him, he recorded videos of him in the Island.

“Disney world ain’t playing. Disney World ain’t  playing,” McGuire said in a video

He said this in his latest video that he posted on his YouTube channel. In this, he was covered while the sound of helicopter was heard above him.
The video that was released shows how the manhunt was progressing the Walt Disney’s Bay Lake.
He was not the first one this year

McGuire is not the only one who decided to snoop around these magical parks .A man was arrested for trespassing on Disney property in California. According to the police, the man wanted to steal something from a place in Disney California Adventure.  Also, a teenager was arrested at the Tokyo District Resort. he was arrested for attempting to enter the shops.

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