Microsoft supports Facebook gaming shuts down Mixer

Microsoft Corporation has announced on 22nd June 2020 that it will be closing its live streaming service for games, Mixer. And will encourage people who play, watch, and create content for it to move to Facebook’s competing service. Although, Mixer will remain functional till 22nd July for the users to provide an option to switch with all their profile data to the Facebook Gaming platform.

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The Reason for Shutting down Mixer:

Microsoft on asking why they are shutting down their Mixer said. The vision and experience that Xbox and Microsoft wanted to provide for the gamers would take a lot of time for Mixer to match. This is the reason it is decided that the operations side of the Mixer will be closed. Thus, the platform would now focus on helping the community transition to a different platform i.e. to Facebook Gaming. In that way, Microsoft along with Facebook will work together to expand Mixer’s vision. And thus will build a platform to include and support each other. Adding that this would allow the streamers on Mixers to explore the opportunity of reaching a vast audience on a streaming platform which is among the fastest-growing in the world.

This move comes less than four years after it acquired Beam. It was a game streaming start-up which Microsoft Corporation rebranded to Mixer in 2017. It was done in an attempt to rope in millions of paying subscribers looking to watch live streams. The live streams were mostly of their favorite gamers competing in e-sports or playing popular video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. The Beam acquisition followed Amazon’s 2014 acquisition of Twitch, which has remained dominant until now.

Microsoft in a statement also said it will provide the Project xCloud streaming games service to Facebook Gaming players. Thus enabling them to play high-end games on any device via the streaming technology.

Microsoft Corporation also said that it will now concentrate on developing its XCloud video game streaming service. And then will integrate it with Facebook’s gaming app. Also, it will launch its latest generation Xbox Console by the last month of this year if all the things went well.

How can the Mixer community switch to Facebook Gaming?

For the Mixer community, the statement said, Facebook Gaming has made it easy to switch if they wish to.

  • The statement said that Facebook Gaming would grant the status of a partner to Mixer Partners. And all the existing Partner agreements will be honored and will be matched as closely as possible. Further, the Partners of Mixer would get an update on how they could sign up for Facebook Gaming. Alternatively, the statement said, the Partners could also visit FB [dot] gg [slash] Mixer using the desktop, then connect with their Mixer account and follow the directions.
  • The statement further said that. The Streamers who are a part of the open monetization program on Mixer will be able to participate in the Level Up Programme of the Facebook Gaming. In this way, these streamers could continue to grow and monetize the streams. Moreover, the Facebook-owned platform would fast-track the onboarding process for the eligible streamers. They could also visit the website mentioned above.
  • On the website mentioned above, a Mixer would be able to connect their Mixer account. Then the Facebook platform would display all the available Facebook Pages of the Mixer channels the Mixer already follows. In that, they can now follow them on the Facebook platform.
  • Special welcome packs would also be available for the viewers who would visit from Mixer [dot] com over the coming few weeks.
  • After July 22, Mixer [dot] com would redirect to FB [dot] gg, the statement said.

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