Miranda Lambert’s Birthday Wish for Husband: “Adorable”

Brendan McLoughlin had celebrated his birthday recently. And look how adorable Miranda Lambert’s birthday wish was for her husband. The superstar wrote a sweet wish on Instagram for her husband. She took to Instagram and shared a series of heartwarming photographs and wrote an equally beautiful message for her dear husband. Fans can’t control their Awwwwws. It really is such a sweet gesture and message. Love is all over the place.

As far as wishes go Miranda Lambert’s birthday wish takes the price. It is short, it’s sweet, and clearly shows how much she loves Brendan. This is not the first time the “Bluebird” singer had taken to Instagram to express her feelings for her husband. Brendan has featured in a lot of Miranda’s Instagram posts. Including some shirtless house husband posts.

The Couple’s Journey Together
Miranda Lambert's birthday wish
“Lovebirds: Miranda and Brendan”
Miranda and Brendan had been married for a year and a half now. And Miranda thinks this pandemic has given her a chance to spend quality time with her sweetheart. She feels like a newlywed and has been really enjoying this time off tours and concerts. And believes they will be golden as they have survived this pandemic intact. And as Brendan 29 years old, Miranda Lambert’s Birthday wish will melt our hearts. Here take a look at the wish:
“Happy Birthday to my sweet husband,” Lambert wrote. “The man I love so much with the most contagious smile. Brendan, you are a light. ❤️ (and I love your obsession with cows?)”
Miranda seems smitten with the love of her life. Way to go Brendan. The couple had met back in 2018. And while their careers are oceans apart with Brendan being in NYPD and Miranda a country singer. It was their jobs that brought them together, as Brendan was doing security for one of her shows” Good Morning America”. Their relationship moved very fast, but they are so in love. Miranda just adores her husband and Brendan is always there for her. They had secretly married a year and a half ago, breaking fans’ hearts. But they are very happy for them. Since then the couple is going strong and enjoys having casual date nights and going out together.
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