Mulan Out on Blue-Ray, Disney Releases New 5 minute Clip.

Mulan Out on Blue-Ray:

Disney has released a new small Mulan clip, so as to promote the movie on Blue-Ray movies. Other digital platforms have also released it. The trailer has scenes from the first half an hour of the movie. It’s COVID 19 and most of the Cinema houses are shut down and so the movie is released on digital media. Hence Mulan Out on Blue-Ray.

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Mulan Out on Blue-Ray

Mulan :

It’s an American action-packed drama. Walt Disney has produced it and it’s based on the Chinese folk tale the Ballard of Mulan. Chris Bender is the director of the movie Mulan. It’s based on the story of a young girl Mulan in china. Rouran warriors attack China and Emperor asks the villagers to join the army. Because Mulan is the only daughter of her aged father, she decides to join the army. After training, she becomes a seasoned soldier. Yifei Liu is the leading star of Mulan.

 Blue Ray:

Blue-Ray is the latest generation of digital storage devices, in the CD format because it is used to store HD videos. The High definition (HD) videos guaranty a better experience of movie watching. Blue-Ray does complete justice to the technical good work behind Disney’s Mulan.  DVD is an inferior quality alternative to Blue Ray because of its higher capacity of HD. Hence Mulan Out on Blue-Ray.

 Mulan out on Disney Plus as well :

Fans were excitedly waiting for the release of Mulan, since March 2020. This movie release got delayed because of the COVID19. Now it’s streaming on Disney Plus and is available on Blue Ray. Mulan is directed by Niki Cara and brings out the inner child in you. There was a movie on the same story in 1978 and Disney’s Mulan is inspired by it. Celebrate your festive season with this Disney Plus movie Mulan.

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