Flipkart acquires Mech Mocha’s IP, team to strengthen gaming stratergy.

Flipkart acquires Mech Mocha’s IP:

Flipkart acquires Mech Mocha’s IP (Intellectual Property) because it wants to strengthen the gaming strategy. Mech Mocha is a gaming startup. They put in 5 years to develop various games such as Ludo, carrom, snakes, and ladders, etc and sold it for an undisclosed amount. Arpita Kapoor, Mech Mocha’s CEO, and Prakash Sikaria, Flipkart CEO, jointly announced this merger.

Happy to be a part of Flipkart:

The Mech mocha team is happy that Flipkart acquires Mech Mocha’s IP. They are planning to make use of Flipkart’s infrastructure and strong Ad campaigns to increase their sales. Mech Mocha team feels they can reach out to more people through Flipkart.  In this gloomy economy because of Corona Pandemic, this merger is a good move for both companies.

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Flipkart acquired the intellectual property (IP) of gaming startup Mech Mocha.


It’s a gaming start-up and Ankita Kapoor and Mohit Rangraju are its CEO and Co-founders. The firm is based in Banglore and makes games in multiple Indian local languages. Games that also encourage player interaction through chat. They are happy to be a part of Flipkart, now.


Flipkart is an Indian- Singapore e-commerce giant. Sachin and Binny Bansal founded the company in Banglore in 2007. Initially, it started with selling books, soon expanded to selling cosmetics, electronics, home accessories, etc. It also owns PhonePe a mobile payment service. Flipkart also acquired the online fashion and apparel app Myntra. The international giant like Amazon, Snap deal, etc are its competitors.

Speaking of acquisition and Mergers:

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