‘Night stalker’: Netflix Releases docuseries on Richard Ramirez’s Murderous Mystery

Night Stalker Docuseries on Richard Ramirez :

Night stalker : Docuseries on Richard Ramirez premiered last night. Richard Ramirez was a serial killer and sexual offender. He has 12-13 murder charges, more than 10 sexual assault and attempted murder charges and number of burglaries.

when Netflix Aced its documentary genre, viewers  are not really happy with this one. However, this series expected to do well. As everyone wants to know why and how Ramirez killed more than a dozen of people.

so, let’s find out why viewers are not happy with this Netflix  Docuseries and more.

viewers Negative Reaction on Night stalker:

As night stalker will be 4 parts documentary series. After watching first part viewers find it very disturbing. As graphics used in the series is no joke and can traumatized you. Netflix shown victim’s body covered with blood and blood oozing in Slow motion as a reenactment is very disturbing.

Night stalker : Docuseries on Richard Ramirez

However, Night stalker, Docuseries on Richard Ramirez what can we expect from this. But if you like crime and investigative stories. This series is for you. Whereas some find it terrifying.

Watch Netflix official  Trailer for Night stalker – hunt for serial killer Here.

More about this Netflix Docuseries:

Viewers found this traumatic as photos and interviews of victims are included. But as per Night stalker’s director this series is meant to be this way. In an recent interview he revealed that they don’t want to glamorize this serial killer in this Netflix docuseries. But wants to shift focus more on victims and investigations. How he put behind the bars in 1980. So now, it is clear series is meant to be this way.

As creators want to focus more on empathy towards victims rather than Rather Richard Ramirez modes operandi. However if they should have been less graphic. That would be perfection.

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Highlights :

  • Night stalker : Docuseries on Richard Ramirez released on Netflix and some viewers doesn’t really get along with it.
  • This is 4 part docuseries, but focused on investigations and victims statements rather than focusing on Richard Ramirez.
  • viewers found some graphics traumatic as Lots of blood and strong graphics is shown as they recreated the scene.
  • If you are a fan of crime documentary this is the series for you.
  • Richard Ramirez was the serial killer and sexual offender imprisoned in 1980.

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