Leaked Oppo Find X3 Pro renders confirm copycat design of Samsung Galaxy S21

Oppo Find X3 pro leaked :

Oppo Find X3 pro leaked and its camera is all people are talking about.

Any publicity is good publicity, quote proved perfect for oppo when their latest X3 pro is leaked. Now it is trending topic, as internet is can’t stop talking about it’s weird camera bump. Seems like for 2021, we should get a story called “How camera got its Bump”.

However, Camera is one thing but design is somewhat similar to Samsung Galaxy s21. We can say, if there will be a competition which phone has weirdest camera right now. This 2 would be competing.

Oppo Find X3 pro Launch date :

Oppo is one of the smartest brand when it comes to marketing. So by wasting no time they jumped on bandwagon and announced their latest phone’s launch date. So, we can quote oppo Find X3 pro leaked and it confirmed its launch date.

X3 pro coming to the markets on March this year. As updated by oppo on their Official Weibo account. However, exact date is not updated yet so be patient for that.

Oppo Find X3 pro Features:

  • As Evan blass (Leaker) revealed more features it includes
  • This year they claimed to have toughest surface/ screen
  • comes with wireless charging.
  • Quad lens camera (upto 50 Mp).
  • 4,500maH battery
  • colours available will be blue, black (basic)

We have to be patient for official announcement to find out what he Leak is true or not.

Weird camera in phones, Trend ?

oppo Find X3 pro leaked
Oppo Find X3 pro leaked

Since last year there has been discussions about camera in smartphones.Now that after oppo X3 pro leaked camera is topic of discussion again. Apple has became a meme when iPhone 11, and pro max is launched with 2 and 3 cameras ( zooming lens which appears to be camera). However oppo withQuad camera it is really seems like a trend and decade of weird cameras.

Do you like this designs, tell us?

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  • Oppo Find X3 pro launching in March.
  • Company revealed this date after model is leaked.
  • Camera’s Bump is the trending topic here
  • Many features of the phone have leaked
  • The price is not confirmed as of now.