Non Non Biyori Season 3 Release Date, Plot Predictions and More

Non Non Biyori Season 3 Coming Soon!

If you’re having a hard day, there is one anime you need to turn to. Non Non Biyori! Through the animation, the music, and most of all the characters, you’ll find that life problems slip away under the happy feelings this anime gives out. Far from being downplayed, and for all ages, Non Non Biyori is a great time for anyone, and all the fans know it. While some people describe the plot as boring, it’s this calm content that makes the anime a surefire watch on your list. Fans eagerly await Non Non Biyori season 3 and the cute content that will no doubt be present in its episodes.

Below is the trailer for Non Non Biyori season 3:

The first season of Non Non Biyori aired from October 2013 to that late December. Two years later, it returned in July of 2015 with another 12 episodes. A sequel movie called Non Non Biyori Movie: Vacation, released in 2018. Ever since release, the anime has preformed immensely well over the years. The fan-following has retained its form since 2013, and the series couldn’t be more well-beloved. The manga similarly did astoundingly well, as it sold over a million copies.

All of this is why it would be a shame for the Studio to leave this anime behind on hiatus. Obviously, the studio understood this, because the anime has been announced to have a season 3.

The announcement for this anime’s third season rests on sometime around June 2020.

Season 3: The Original Cast Returns

The twitter account that represents Non Non Biyori just announced that the previous cast of characters will be returning for this upcoming season. Additionally, they also posted a key image for the new season. You can find all related materials on Non Non Biyori’s website here.

The returning cast for Non Non Biyori season 3 will be as follows. Kotori Koiwai returns as Renge Miyauchi. Rie Murakawa returns as Hotaru Ichijo. Ayane Sakura plays as Natsumi Koshigaya. Kana Asumi acts as Komari Koshigaya. Kaori Nazuka returns as Kazuho Miyauchi. Rina Satou returns as Kaede Kagayama. Misato Fukuen plays as Hikage Miyauchi. Ryoko Shintani as Konomi Fujimiya.

Shinya Kawatsura as before, returns to direct at SILVER LINK. Reiko Yoshida will also return to write scripts for the show. Mai Otsuka also returns to design characters. Kusanagi also returns to design the background art involved in the show.

Non Non Biyori Season 3 Release Date Revealed

The notoriously adorable manga inspired two anime seasons and two movies. The director’s first show, Watamote, aired in 2013, and he has been essentially successful ever since. The popular streaming site Crunchyroll has made both Watamote and Non Non Biyori’s seasons and movies available for streaming for a long time. Additionally, fans assume that Non Non Biyori season 3 will also be available on Crunchyroll. This remains a safe assumption. All of the above shows remained well received, given DVD releases, and sold for far more than it costed to produce them. Additionally, the manga also inspired the anime film Non Non Biyori Vacation, which was aired in Japan on August 25. Along with Sentai Filmworks licensing the film, the same cast of voices also made a return for the film.

The story of the manga focuses on the life of a girl who learns to adjust to slow country life. In her new home, the nearest bookstores, movie stores, and stores in general, are more than 20 minutes away each. Having to travel by train for some conveniences, adjustment is difficult when compared to her previous home in the big city of Tokyo. However, her classmates soon become friends with her, and this is where the story begins. Her fellow classmates are Natsumi, Komari, Renge, and Komari’s big brother Suguru.

The announcement tweet can be viewed below:

Upon release on Crunchyroll, fans immensely enjoyed the series. Additionally, Crunchyroll made an apt description of the show in the quote below:

“The closest book store sells Jump every Wednesday, the video rental shop is ten stations down. Vegetables are left out for sale, and no one’s ever even see a lock on a house. That’s the country life they live, but these five girls at Asahigaoka Branch School are enjoying it! Enjoy the leisurely, laid-back life of these unique girls!” – Crunchyroll Description

Shows like Non Non Biyori?

This laid back, country life show resembles the likes of Laid-Back Camp, also known as Yuru Camp. Laid-Back Camp recently acquired a season 2 announcement just in the last few months. Fans will be eager to see what the next installment of Non Non Biyori has for us.

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Non Non Biyori season 3 is also supposedly rumored to be the last of the anime series, but that has yet to be officially disclosed. For now, fans are simply happy to know that a favorite comfortable anime will be making a return to Crunchyroll and other sites.

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Season 3 Expectations

Fans of the anime know the show to be above all, full of atmosphere. They also know it to be beautifully crafted, not rushed or lacking in detail. The Non Non Biyori season 3 is the successor to the championing success of the first two seasons, named Non Non Biyori and Non Non Biyori Repeat. Now fans wonder of the third season can even hope to match up to the beautifully created pastoral sequels. Throughout the show, the characters compare big city life to the life lived closer to nature. Obviously, life lived in nature brings a heavy bounty of visuals and beauty in this anime, so fans should be prepared for a continuation and improvement of all that Non Non Biyori season 3 will have to offer.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming season? Do you think it will live up to the expectations long set and awaited by fans? Or do you think that a sequel can in no way surpass this series’ original better? Let us know in the comments, and if you know a fan of this adorable anime, be sure to share this article with a friend!