Reportedly the president of North Korean Kim jong-un who is the monarch of the country. He is either dead or in recovery after his major surgery .The
U.S intelligence reported that Kim was said to be in grave danger following surgery. But nothing has been officially released in Pyongyang, which is the capital of the country.
While it is certain that Kim has failed to show up for the “the day of the sun”on April 15. Which is the birth anniversary of Kim sung 2nd ,the country’s founder and eternal president . Which is something arguably noticeable as that is the country’s most important day.
Kim is always present in his grandfather’s birth anniversary so when this didn’t happen , it gave a lot of speculations.
While the president of South Korea has already denied these reports. The rumors of Kim jong-un being gravely ill had been untrue after his heart surgery .As this was not the first time these rumors have come onto the internet .
As Kim Jong-un’s last appearance was held on 12th of April and he had not been seen since. According to reports the rumors of him being ill were started by a website run by North Korean defectors on Tuesday. Even if the 36-year-old monarch’s being overweight despot isn’t moribund. He does have health issues and a possible end to his rule would create a massive turmoil leading to several refugees all over America and
South Korea.
Although Kim jong-un has no official successor , his sister a member of the ruling party is most likely the next candidate.

While North Korea has cosplay assembly and rarely hold assembly meetings. The media of North Korea has reported no whereabouts of the supreme ruler of the country.

In 2014, he was also absent from public appearance for about six weeks . The South Korean intelligence reported that he went for a cyst removal surgery  from his ankle. While in 2016 the North media showed his former military chief executed but months later showed him alive. The North leader, his 65-year-old elder brother who has been serving as a diplomat in Europe for years. He may come into the power struggle with his sister.

U.S intelligence services have also been monitoring reports on Kim’s health.

the question still arises whether the death news of North Korea’s supreme leader is true or not?

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