Painting depicting Santa and baby Jesus blocked, considered as violent by Facebook

Santa and baby Jesus painting blocked :

Painting depicting Santa and baby Jesus blocked by Facebook. Marked as sensitive content. Many people think Facebook owes an explanation to this.

See why Facebook has blocked this painting and what Facebook guidelines say about blocking such portraits. And what the artist has to say about her painting.

Artist’s reaction on her painting blocked :

Artist Gaye Frances Willard reacted to this decision in an interview with ‘Fox & Friends First’. And said it is one of her favorite portraits and she made it for herself. After sharing on these social media platforms it has gained lots of likes, shares, and views.

One day Willard’s son called her to tell him about this unfortunate situation. Facebook has marked her painting of Santa and baby Jesus as sensitive content.
Willard reveals all her life she is an artist that portraits Santa she and her supporters just couldn’t understand the fact why Facebook has to do this.

What Facebook has to say?

This is not the first time portrait Artist Gaye Frances Willard’s painting blocked from this platform. Back in 2018 also one of her works got blocked. But they unblocked it after several complaints.

This time Santa and baby Jesus painting blocked but no explanation whatsoever is given by them. Willard reveals that Facebook always tends to give a generic answer to such situations.

All knee shall bow (portrait by Gaye Frances Willard)
All knee shall bend ( portrait by Gaye Frances Willard)

Facebook’s guideline for sensitive contents:

Personally, we think that Facebook blocking the portrait of Santa and baby Jesus is really related to some technical issues. Because Facebook clearly states that a photo or video contains graphic content may have a limit to visibility.

However, Facebook should come up with a statement to the artist. As it is very discouraging for her.

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  • Painting depicting Santa and baby Jesus blocked.
  • This painting is considered violent hence marked as sensitive content.
  • The artist of the painting reveals that this is not the first time it happened with her work on Facebook.
  • No statement from Facebook yet.

What do you think about this portrait?