Particles From Space Are Messing With Our Quantum Computer, Scientists Discover

Some new studies show radiations from natural sources. Particles from space are messing up the quantum computer. Apparently, the radiation is disturbing the calculation in the computer. Further on, it leads to the 10 years old mystery of the source of these radiations, called quasiparticle poisoning.

According to researchers and scientists, the Northwest National Laboratory and MIT say that the radiation breaks the electrons. That later interrupts the qubits, also known as quantum bits. The scientists believe that these are natural radiations like X rays, Gamma rays and beta rays. Last Wednesday the study was published.

“If you look back at the last few years of quantum computing development, it’s been improving exponentially,” says Ben Loer, a staff physicist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. “All we’ve done is found one more place where it needs to be improved, but we have plenty of ideas on how to do it,” he added

Particles from space are messing up the quantum computers get their energy from qubits, in order to work in two states at once. The researchers are saying that the radiation can come from the Earth or space. If the radiation is from Earth, the energy of the rays will be lesser. However, if the radiation is from outer space, the nuclei from outside the earth must have been in contact with our atmosphere.

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