Play Station 5 Hits Market Ready for Battle With X Box Series S/X.

Play Station 5, Ready for Battle:

Play Station 5 Hits Market, ready for competition With X Box Series. Sony’s Playstation is going to give tough competition to Microsoft’s Xbox. Because of the COVID 19  and Quarantine, the demand for online games has increased. Also, it’s the holiday season, Play Station 5 is going to sell like hot buns.


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X Box series  X 

It is 2 X better than X Box series X but the latter has more games when released in November. The X box doesn’t have a disk reader. X box has features such as ray tracing for realistic lighting and will support 8 k gaming.

features of Play station 5:
It has a better memory and bandwidth. It is compatible with PS4 bandwidth games but not PS3. Fans can watch the Play station reveal on Youtube.
X BOX comparison:

Play station and X Box are almost even in their comparison. However, Sony has one advantage. Playstation 5 has faster load times than X Box.

Gamers are excited:

After the holiday season has begun and also because of the pandemic there is more time on the gamer’s hand. As a result, be it Play Station or X Box, the gamers are all game for it. Fans of these games are excited and are battling for  Play station or X Box in regards to which is better.

 Meanwhile God of War Ragnarok game for Playstation 5:
God of War Ragnarok release date, trailer, and plot for Play Station 5 is out now. Sony announced that the God of War sequel will be out the next year 2021. According to Norse mythology, the war of  Ragnarok means the battle to the death and end of the world. God of war was an award-winning game in 2018.

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