PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address today

PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address today, will feature inspiring anecdotes from people. The Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat address held on the last Sunday each month this time feature inspiring story. Earlier this month the PM asked the people who follow twitter account if they knew inspiring stories. Specifically, he wished to know of stories of how group efforts brought about positive change.  The PM said Mann Ki Baat address would featured the stories on the July edition of . The PMis apparently continuing a theme from his June 28th address. Which he stated that no matter what the channel India has always overcome it.



PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address today

PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address today will use the stories he’s chosen to share to inspired cooperation. Specifically, to inspire India work together the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, he’s trying to tie the stories into statements he made in his previous address. In which she stated that India has faced many challenges through its history and overcome. Also, the PM may be attempting to inspire a sense of cooperative in the face of other potential challenges. Such as, potential crises that have nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic.

The PMN has not informed the public on which stories he has chosen to use. Additionally, the PM has not said how many people sentient stories that fit his criteria. Specifically, “how collective efforts have brought about positive change”. Once PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat address begins the stories, he’s chosen are revealed the answer will clear. The stories focus on how communities came together to support each other during harsh times this probably references current events. On the other hand, if uses stories where individuals came together to overcome a threat to their community.  To inspire national solidarity against a threat other than the coronavirus.

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