‘Power Book IV: Force’, When is the long-awaited spinoff premiering

We are already aware that everyone is glued to Power Book II: Ghost. But it is time to think beyond it. This week, Starz revealed a new clip showing the various shows upcoming on the platform in 2021. And guess what? The list of upcoming shows includes ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan and ‘Power Book IV: Force’. We knew that it would be coming, but the production was delayed due to the pandemic.

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All about ‘Power Book IV’

Currently, there hasn’t been any news related to the cast and the filming. But we can definitely say that we only have to wait for a while since it will be releasing in 2021. The news that Starz is already thinking about it is enough for the fans to keep waiting. It will be the most interesting spinoff among all the offshoots. It is because ‘Power Book IV: Force’ revolves around the story about how Tommy creates his own clan and empire. We are excited to see whom he will be interacting with. The fans saw Tommy going through all sorts of ups and downs throughout the six seasons in ‘Power Book’. His relationship with James ‘Ghost’ was also pushed to the lines where only Tommy surviving in the end. Although, the ‘Ghost’s’ son returned in ‘Book II: Ghost’.

Know when 'Power Book IV:Force" is coming your way
‘Power Book IV: Force’ hopes for Tommy Egan spinoff

But we don’t know when will we get to see Tommy in ‘Power Book IV’. Starz revealed the second after the finale episode that the spin-off will be continued. ‘Book II: Ghost’ was all about Tariq’s journey to meet his mother. Her mother is released from the jail after she took charge for the murder of Ghost.

Previous Spin-offs and Power Book IV

Power Book III: Raising Kanan tours Kanan’s adolescent years before his entry in the lead Starz series. Therefore, ‘Power Book IV’ will continue from Tommy’s story where he is off to New York in search of a new life.

We all know how the pandemic disturbed the production and shoots across the world. So fans are now eagerly waiting for some updates on Tommy will return on the screen. Good to know the actor Sikora has already excited the fans. The bomb dropped when Sikora posted a picture of himself dressed as Tommy on the sets. Fans went crazy on seeing the post. Sikora will wear his character as Tommy which will record Egan’s journey after leaving for West Coast. Unfortunately, the release date has not been given by Starz.

The Power Spinoff of the story of Ghost was supposed to be the last release. But it appears that Power Book IV has been shifted up in the series. Power Book III is a prequel of Ghost’s rival and Kanan’s story. Power Book IV will be premiered after ‘Raising Kanan’. So for now, fans have to deal with Book II: Ghost. ‘Raising Kanan’ is finalized to go air in 2021.

More information

For those unaware, ‘Power Book IV: Force’ is much-awaited series, that centred around Tommy Egan and his past with Ghost. Big decisions have been made related to the progamming of the spinoffs, and it is still tough to predict the future of ‘Power Book IV’. Thanks to the pandemic. There still will be hurdles in the production and filming of the spinoff. That is why the future of ‘Power Book IV’ is unclear. Fans cannot wait to see Egan creating a whole new life and journey for himself. Let’s see what happens next since the Ghost is dead. Fun fact- Power Book IV was originally called as Book V in the Power Universe. Now, Cannot wait to see Tommy living in West Coast.