Power cut in Maharashtra today: railways and hospitals face the most serious repercussions of the power outrage

Maharashtrians were in for a shock this morning owing to a power cut in the metro city. The entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region(MMR) suffered the same fate. Owing to a grid failure, the residents of these areas have been living without electricity since 10;15 am.

Statements by political leaders: Maharashtra Power cut Live Update 

According to the State Minister of Energy, the power outrage is a result of a mistake in the ongoing repairing at the 400KV lines in Kalwa. He also asked the people to calm down and assured them that everything will be normal soon.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also let it known that fire fighters and other emergency services are in the alert to prevent any untoward accidents that may occur during this time.

How the power failure has affected lives in Maharashtra?: Maharashtra Power cut Live Update 

To begin with, train commutes have come to a standstill in the absence of electricity. Many local trains were also stranded midway in their route. Security personnels were sent to help people alight from trains that were halted midway.

Hospitals were also finding it difficult to carry on with daily chores in the absence of power. The government has asked the hospitals to stock up on enough diesel in case the electricity outrage persists.

But thankfully, power supply to railways and hospital have now been restored. Energy Minister Nitin Raut took to his Twitter account to let it known to the people.

The ministry also announced that the PG exams scheduled for today is to be held on October 18.

#powercut trends on Twitter: Maharashtra Power cut Live Update 

Mumbaikars are not really acquainted to such power-cuts. So, it was not quite surprising to see them tweeting #powercut on Twitter since a short time after the outrage. Celebrities, too, took to the social media platforms and urged people to calm down. Amitabh Bachchan was the first to speak up on the matter, several others followed suit.

Latest update: Power restored in some areas: Maharashtra Power cut Live Update 

According to recent updates, electricity is back in some of the affected areas. Many of the railways are now back on track. Even the Municipal Office now has access to electricity including Ward A, B, H/W, R/C, S, K/E and K/W. A little later, Nitin Raut announced that BMC has restored electricity to all essential services. He also also assured that electricity to non-essential services will also be restored soon.