Pret a Manger axes 2,800 jobs and 30 stores – full list

Pret A Manager closes 30 stores

UK food-to-go company Pret a Manger has axed 2,800 jobs from its thirty shops. Pret a Manger is a UK based multinational sandwich shop chain, popularly known as Pret. Established in 1983. Pret now has more than 450 stores in nine countries.

Pret A Manager
Pret A Manager closes 30 stores

The company earlier said that it is “slowly recovering” from the shutdown of coronavirus, but cautioned that the crisis has cost nearly a decade of growth.

Pret, Pano Christou, Chief Executive Officer of Manger, said the organization was wrecked at the decision to slash jobs. Around 90 positions will be affected. Announcing the job losses on Thursday, executive officer Pano Christou said: “I’m gutted that we’ve had to lose so many colleagues.”

“Although we’re now starting to see a steady but slow recovery, the pandemic has taken away almost a decade of growth at Pret.”

“Significantly, a further 1,000 roles have been preserved thanks to the support of thousands of Pret Team Members to move to a lower level of minimum weekly hours,” he added.

“These hours will be continuously reviewed to reflect levels of sales and footfall during the remainder of 2020 and early 2021.”

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Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger also revealed plans to close 30 stores last month, has acknowledged that its revenues have slipped 74 percent since the pandemic began in March.

Following the lockout, it has reopened 339 of its facilities but remains plagued by social distancing initiatives and lower numbers of office employees in major cities.

According to the reports, it is the latest chain to announce closures and job cuts after the coronavirus outbreak; with SSP, owner of Upper Crust, announcing plans to slash 5,000 after a fall in demand.

Pret also permanently axed its newly acquired EAT brand in the UK in March.

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