Prince of Persia Mod APK v2.02- Latest Update

Prince of Persia Mod: 

The game of Prince of Persia (PoP) is one of the oldest video games that came into existence. Playing this game was a dream coming true for the teenagers during its release. Besides, it was a breakthrough in the field of video games. No other game had such graphics as it had. The game still is available on android platforms. Also, people still find the game interesting to play. There are over 100 thousand downloads of the game. Hence, the makers put effort to better the game and upgrade it.

Prince of Persia- Shadow and Flame is the most famous version of the game. The combat system is evolving. Also, it has unique additions with every update.  The weapons are unique and are easy to use. Besides, with each passing level, there are several mysteries to solve.

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Details of the PoP Game:

  • The latest version is 2.0.2.
  • The category of the game is Action.
  • Besides, it requires Android 2.3.
  • The download size is 41.5 MB.
  • It is available in languages like English, French, Spanish etc.
  • The Developer of the PoP is Ubisoft Entertainment.

Features of PoP Shadow and Flame:

Prince of Persia Mod- New swords and other weapons added
Prince of Persia Mod- New swords and other weapons added
  • The visual effects of the game are mind-blowing. The graphics are seamless.
  • On the other hand, the adventures are attention-grabbing. With each passing level, the adventures get more interesting.
  • In the latest version, the weather of the locations is Hot.
  • Besides, the journey is going to be deadlier than before. There will be more than 10 stages that keep up the excitement of the game.
  • The graphics are three dimensional. Besides, the control system is appropriate for smartphones with touch displays.
  • The swords and other weapons of PoP are swift to use. Also, the upgrade eases the scope of dealing with the opponents.
  • There are tons of new blades in the new modification of the PoP game. The players can access additional blades and swords by completing each level.
  • There are also blades in various situations. The players can access them only at certain levels.
  • The graphics of the game makes the locations exotic. Additionally, the levels have 3d features that increase the feeling of adventure.
  • The exotic locations keep the spirit of the game up. The real-like views are stunning and attention-grabbing.
  • The number of enemies in the game is more this time. Moreover, there are new ways to tackle the enemies.

How to Play PoP Shadow and Flame?

Prince of Persia Mod- How to Play?
Prince of Persia Mod- How to Play?
  • In the latest update, the character will look out for their enemies at several locations like before.
  • The character has to jump, run, crawl and escape traps. Besides, the player has to solve puzzles to cross each level. Also, the player has to drink portions to keep themselves active.
  • However, the combat is much more difficult than before. There are new features that the players have to use to battle their enemies.
  • The enemies keep appearing at several instances in the game. Moreover, the player has to be keen to combat with them.
  • The players can hit the enemies before they get ready for the Battle. For striking, they will have to tap the shield button when the enemy prepares himself to battle.
  • To run in the battlefield, the player has to swipe and hold.
  • On the other hand, to climb up, the player has to hold by swiping up.
  • However, to climb down, the user has to hold by swiping down.
  • Besides, to get more lives, users can use potions when available.

Pros and Cons of PoP Latest Version:


  • Great visuals with stunning locations, the game is a pleasure to play.
  • Moreover, the 3d graphics give the game a new dimension.
  • It looks real-like. The gamers get a lifelike experience through the new version.
  • The sound quality is good, it adds to the experience.


  • It gets difficult to tackle enemies after reaching a certain level.
  • Use multiple weapons simultaneous is difficult on the touch screen.

Final Words:

Prince of Persia Mod, the shadow and flame version is a game with good graphics. The stunning areas and locations are great to explore while playing the game. Moreover, the new blades and weapons are bonus additions. The 3d graphics give the players a real setup like encounter. Finally, the update is a satisfyingly good one.

Download Link for Android users:

The users who wish to play the game will not find the game on the play store. However, they can have access to the game by clicking on Prince of Persia Shadow and Flame Android Version