Privacy protection in Apple’s next iPhone updates

Apple’s next iPhone updates add new privacy protections that you won’t be able to miss. The Apple iOS 14 which is currently in a public beta test has introduced a visual component for privacy. Essentially if an app is accessing the microphone, camera, or other sensitive data light will turn on. This protection is written into the software and appears as an orange light next to the battery gauge. The new privacy protection also includes changes to the photo library. Specifically, iOS 14 will allow a user to grant and have access to only designated photos. This means that an app no longer has access to the entire photo library on a device.

Reason and affect

Privacy protection

The primary reason for this improved privacy protection on Apple’s part is that it is their new selling point. Over the last year, the company has focused on improving the security and privacy of its customers. Additionally, these changes will address a security concern that has existed for years. That issue is the surreptitious use of the microphone or camera by an app. Facebook is commonly accused of this surreptitious breach of privacy.

Over the years many users have reported that ads for companies they were talking about popped up on Facebook. In of itself, this is damning evidence, until you take into account, they popped up seconds later. Facebook has repeatedly denied that they surreptitiously use draw on their clients. This may change especially becomes apparent that they made adjustments to the response to this privacy protection. This will become evident if they make an announcement as to the changes they made.

The new privacy protection will notify the user when an app accesses the clipboard and which Is doing so. The clipboard stores sensitive information such as state tax or Web site addresses. A lot can be learned from such.

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