Private Colleges demand fees amid lockdown – faces backlash from students

PSIT, a reputed college in Kanpur, often at the center of controversies for its functioning, is once again in the limelight, and this time also for the wrong reasons – massive fees demand after lockdown. Recently, the administration has issued an order to deposit huge fees of hostels and universities in one installment ..
As the campus is closed now, the students have created a ruckus over the internet.

Not only PSIT, other private colleges, and IIT’s MTech-PhD students are also agitating for fee hike. Students from more than 50 colleges of Uttar Pradesh have been agitating against the fee hike for 6 days.
This indicates that the poor economic situation has affected the common families. Where jobs are going, salary is not increasing, wages are getting exhausted, it is strange to increase fees. If there is such pressure in the institutions, “not everyone will get an education”.

PSIT College Notice Regarding Fees :


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Actually, this pressure is on the parents of the whole country… and for these conditions, we are responsible to some extent ..
When we had to fight for cheap education, we were fighting among ourselves …
Because we were told on WhatsApp that no one would be so poor as to not pay college fees …
We were taught that Indians want everything for free!

If seen to some extent, it is right to increase the fees of the institute. After all, big colleges charge fees on the name of infrastructure, on the name of AC class, to bear the expenses of computers, laboratory, maintenance, etc. present in the institute!
Now when the children are not going to college during lockdown then this fees expense also increased manifold!
Well what happens if you and us agree!
This is what the institute has to say!

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Now in today’s times there is no idealist like Shri Ram, it is impossible for people to have their ideals!

PSIT College Chairman on fees during Lockdown [Amar Ujala Newspaper Interview on 6th June 2020]

AwareEarth Reported with one of the Officials of PSIT College Regarding Fees [on 21 July 2020]:

Recently, the dock media made a loud impression that the institute’s fees have not been increased or there is no pressure to pay any fees!
But it was not any circular of UN council that it will be true or will be written only for the benefit of the students?

The students of the college have raised the demand that only half the fees be deposited during lockdown, otherwise their Dharna and boycott will happen!
Online classes will not be attended unless fees are assured in writing.

The rest is just that,

My motive is not just to create a ruckus,
I try to change this appearance.
If not in my chest, right in your chest
There should be a fire anywhere,
but the fire must be ignited.


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