Raji: An Ancient Epic | Made in India game released on PC, PS4, Xbox One

Raji: An Ancient Epic is first made in India high end PC and gaming console game. Earlier on August 18th the game was only released for Nintendo Switches but now it can be played on Microsoft Windows via the Steam client and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game can now be purchased on Steam priced at Rs. 539 and also on Epic Games Store at a similar price.

As the game was the part on Nintendo Indie World Showcase, it faced a delay in its launch in platforms other than Nintendo Switch.

Raji: First Development by Nodding Head Games

Nodding Head Games is an Indian Game development corporation based in Pune, Maharashtra. The corporation made India’s First console game developed by a team of just 13 members. The game is categorized under Action – Adventure category.

The game has an ancient Indian cultural, artwork, and music theme. Players will experience the plot of the game as a young girl who has been given a task by the gods to fight against demonic invasion and save her brother.

The developer informed that the game is inspired by God of WarIcoBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Dark Souls and other such games. The game shows a never ending bond between the main girl character and his brother.

Raji has earned multiple awards, such as “Best of MIX Live” and “Best Game of Show” at Devplay. Developers are still hoping to bag some more of these awards as the year is yet to end.

raji made in india game
Raji: First Made in India game for Console

Co-founder and lead designer Avichal Singh stated ,”It’s a matter of constraints we follow to make sure the game is running on these platforms because they have technical constraints. As long as they can keep to that we will be good. Unreal Engine 4 makes life a bit easier. You have direct porting options as well.”

The game is also specially available for gaming content creators on YouTube, Twitch etc. Overall the game has a mixed reviews from various game critics and content creators.

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