Rhonda Fleming Died: Hollywood Lost The Queen of Technicolor

Rhonda Fleming who is also known as The Queen of Technicolor just took her last breath. She was one of the finest actors in Hollywood. She was serving the industry from 1947. The Golden Age of the Hollywood industry.

Like the age, her life also remains colorful throughout. The tremendous actor died at the age of 97. Though the reason for her death is not confirmed yet, her secretary confirms her death.

Her Tremendous Hollywood Journey

The American actress through her beautiful golden eyes and hair won a lot of heart and thus she named as The Queen of Technicolor. Rhonda Fleming cast in Spellbound and since then she never looks back.

The actress had a marvelous journey in Hollywood and the industry just lost a legend of the Golden age. She had done more than 4 films and had a great presence in television as well.

Rhonda Fleming was the most glamourous actress of her age and had a huge successfull journey. She had a courageous life altogether and her personal life was also very dramatic as her career.

Rhonda Fleming Personal Life

The Queen of Technicolor had married for six times and that includes many hollywood biggies of that time. At a time she stopped working for the entertainment industry and engaged herself more into social work.

Rhonda Fleming
Spellbound scene

In the later part of her life Rhonda Fleming was busy with her social work and with her familiy. With her death the glamarous actress left a huge family behind her. She left son, daughter, grandkids, step grand kids and many more.

The Glamour Queen Will Be Missed

Hollywood is gonna miss the glamour queen of Golden age and will miss her work. Her work in every work was always appreciated and will be rememebered forever. Fans still waiting for the cause of her death.

Hope that will announce soon and she may have a peaceful last rite. Rhonda Fleming will remain in the heart of every Hollywood fans.

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