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Raktanchal stars Kranti Prakash Jha and Nikitin Dheer in the lead roles.


Raktanchal is a crime dramatization enlivened by genuine occasions from the ’80s of Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh. In purvanchal, state improvement work is conveyed through tenders.The criminal domain of Waseem Khan is tested by a youthful criminal Vijay Singh who is driven by retribution. Additionally Waseem Khan is a main mafia leader who is being challenged by other criminal. The story gets under way, a conflict for getting tenders with a political fight out of sight. Additionally it releases a bloodbath in the city of Purvanchal.


  • Nikitin Dheer – Waseem Khan
  • Kranti Prakash Jha – Vijay Singh
  • Soundarya Sharma – Roli
  • Ronjini Chakraborty – Seema
  • Chittaranjan Tripathy – Bechan
  • Pramod Pathak – Tripurari
  • Vikram Kochhar – Sanaki
  • Krishna Singh Bisht – Katta
  • Basu Soni – Chhunnu
  • Rajesh Dubey – Sadhu Maharaj
  • Ravi Khanvilkar – Pujari Singh


Basically describing the overall summary won’t be appropriate to convey each and every important points. As this series consists of many turning points. Additionally to understand each and every aspect, it is mandatory to get a briefing of every episode. Hence, mentioned below is the entire Season 1 with all twists and turns:

Episode 1 (The Bad Blood):

Criminal Waseem Khans business as usual is tested by a youthful adversary Vijay Singh, when Vijay savagely gets delicate for Liquor shops. Vijay gains influence and impact under Sahib Singh, in the interim his adversary Pujari Singh is irritated. This prompts a savage assault Vijay’s Sisters wedding, causing slaughter. In raktanchal additionally Vijay Singh looks for retribution and pledges a blood fued with Waseem.

Episode 2 (High Stakes):

Vijay strikes back assaulting a weapons store of Waseem and causes overwhelming harm. This clatters an enraged Waseem and Pujari Singh, putting them two under genuine tension. Also while Vijay’s family faces the outcomes of the brutality. Sahib Singh and Pujari Singh enters into a high stakes discretionary fight.

Episode 3 (You Win, You Die):

After a see saw political decision, including common crusades, corner catching and other criminal exercises, Sahib Singh scores a steamed success over Pujari. Troubled by the misfortune Waseem guarantees Pujari his seat back. Additionally Vijay takes a shot at combining the alcohol business, leaving Ghazipur. Waseem utilizes this to prompt a collective uproar. Additionally he kills Sahib Singh and takes the hand of Vijay’s long time companion and cellmate Tripura.

Episode 4 (Black Gold):

Waseem and Pujari celebrate as force is recovered, Vijay fights back with the merciless murdering of Waseem’s correct hand man Ifazat, he is kept down by Pujari making first contrasts between both. He faces expanding obstacles in the worthwhile coal business, which Vijay learns of, he chooses to takeover the business and meddles. Additionally Waseem initiates a crazy person called Sanki Pandey in his team.

Episode 5 (The Blood Feud):

After a strained up close and personal shootout, Vijay escapes Waseem, who is as yet unfit to recognize him. Waseem and Pujari fight again on regarding how to manage Vijay. He doles out Sanki to follow, distinguish and murder Vijay.  Waseem is disillusioned with Sanki, while the couple subsequent to learning of Vijays personality, request to join his posse. The Couple help Vijay to remember his old love.

Episode 6 (Cat & Mouse):

Vijay utilizes Seema to honeytrap Sanki, Waseem brings toxic alcohol into Vijay’s flexibly which causes numerous passings over the state. Pujari utilizes this to construct political weight and a capture warrant is given for Vijay. Additionally Sanki falls further into the honeytrap. Bechan Singh gets captured as Tripura insists on purchasing more weapons. He goes out to purchase yet strolls into a snare set by Waseem, gets trapped and executed.

Episode 7 (Try Till You Succeed):

Sanki is cautioned by Waseem about ladies and relegated to ensure Pujari. Bilal increases assault on Vijay’s group prompting strains among the men. Goaded Vijay plots his best course of action, utilizes the honeytrap to draw Sanki away and assaults Pujari in a get-together. Later on in a challenging second endeavor Vijay succeeds utilizing a camouflage killing Pujari.

Episode 8 (Land is your Mother):

A Powerful Politician “Baba” sends a proposal to Vijay for his loyalty against political help, requests that he acquire an enormous land. Baba additionally sends a proposal to Waseem who likewise concurs. Additionally Seema baits Sanki to a Ramleela where a death endeavor comes up short. Vijay attempts to get the land for Baba, in process recalls how his dad esteemed land. Bilal becomes dubious of Seema. Then he follows her to Katta, acknowledging she is a mole.

Episode 9 (Public Enemy):

Waseem sends his crew and submits a slaughter at the wedding of the land proprietors girl, and pins the fault on Vijay. Additionally this corners Vijay as he turns into an open adversary. The Meeting goes south as a gunfight results with Vijay firing Waseem, anyway he is hit with numerous shots and falls in the stream, the remainder of his posse flee. In Raktanchal, lastly Vijay now saw dead is found by his old sweetheart oblivious on the banks of the waterway.

Reviews & Release:

  • The official release date of Raktanchal Season 1 is 28th May, 2020.
  • All the episodes of Season 1 are available completely free. They are available on MX player website or app. Additionally can be watched without any cost.
  • Indian esports association SouL promoted a neighborhood web arrangement called Raktanchal during a livestream on June 8. The arrangement is accessible to watch on MX Player, an Indian advanced stage claimed by the Times Group. SouL is one of the most notable PUBG MOBILE groups in the South Asian district, and the essence of the group, Naman “MortaL” Mathur, by and by has over 5M supporters on YouTube.
  • The special occasion saw players change their gamertags from SouL to Raktanchal during Mathur’s livestream. He talked quickly about the arrangement as he contrasted its idea with that of PUBG MOBILE while urging his watchers to give it a watch. The viewership for this stream was additionally better than expected, and the stream as of now has over 2M sees on YouTube in under 24 hours since initially airing.

Expectations from Season 2:

  • The completion of the show Raktanchal was something that the watchers didn’t anticipate. The heroes of the show, Waseem Khan and Vijay Singh apparently was on their last nerves in their last fight against one another. The last scenes demonstrated that Waseem and Vijay meet each other on a scaffold and both the gatherings trade a great deal of gunfire.
  • Both the sides get injured all the while however Vijay is progressively injured that Waseem. He tumbles from the scaffold into the water and it appeared Vijay has passed on. In any case, the end scene shows that Vijay Singh has been safeguarded by certain individuals. Raktanchal Season 1 was left on a note from where it tends to be gotten for the following season.
  • Notwithstanding, there has been no official declaration or news about the second period of the show. A few media entries have announced that if the show returns with another season, it is probably going to return the year 2021.

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