Re Zero Season 3: is another season confirmed?


When talking about anime shows, some series always stands out, and that goes for Re: Zero; In case you like dark, sci-fi, and intriguing shows that will make your blood runs hot and cold at the same time, check the anime out. It is why half of the world’s population is looking impatiently forward to Re Zero season 3.

After the release of season 1 of the anime, it has laid an indelible mark in the heart of its lovers; It also ranked one of the best Isekai anime to be released even though Isekai anime doesn’t have a solid place in the anime world.

Re Zero season 3

Re Zero has made people reconsider their views and opinion about Isekai anime; because it took their breath away and goes way beyond their imagination.

What makes this anime a unique and appealing one to the large population of anime lovers was the inclusion of sci-fi themes, mystery, and thrilling feeling it gives the audience.

Apart from the exciting and adrenaline-pumping sci-fi concept, the psychological elements introduced into the first season held the people’s attention, spiced up the anime, and gave it a new aura as a fascinating dark anime.

You can say that the anime is not for all ages because of the theme, violence display, dark concept, sci-fi elements, and all other concepts put together in the anime. Still, you will agree solidly without an iota of doubt that the anime is second to none, and it is on the list of top-rated anime shows of the year.

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Re Zero season 3; When is the released date?

After the first season of Re Zero anime show came to the surface, which was aired in April 2016 and finished in September with 25 crazy, amazing, and intriguing episodes, it has gone viral, leaving its audience thirsting for more and never getting enough.
After the first season, the population had to wait forever, earnestly waiting for the second season just like they are waiting for season 3 release now.

However, when the second season came on board after four years of excruciating and suffocating wait, it was such a relief to the people.
The second season, the first part started airing on July 8, 2020; it was such a long wait, but people are hoping the Re Zero season 3 won’t take this long.

The second season, the first part that commenced airing in July and finished in September, received a better response than the first season.

It was nothing like expected; it surpassed people’s expectations and threw them off balance. Such a great show; no wonder the whole world is on its knees, with some sitting on the edge of their sofa, praying for the timely release of the third season.

What seems to baffle the anime producers is people’s reaction and wait for the third season while they are yet to watch the second part of the second season, which has been stated to start airing by January 2021.

We hope that the third season will be released after the second part of the second season is concluded.

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News on the release of the third season?

Presently, there has been no announcement or hint whatsoever on the date, time, month, or year when Re Zero season 3 will get released, but the eagerness of the multitude might move the producer to hasten up and do something.

Currently, the anime producer made a statement concerning the second part of the second season during his interview. He stated that the incoming season two, part two will further heighten the curiosity and add fire to the flame of those waiting for season three.

He further explained that due to the positive response and rating received after the second season’s airing, it will continue with the planned seasons, and the people won’t have to wait for long before their thirst gets quenched.

Although it took four long years to start airing the second season of the anime after the first season. What gives us an assurance that the third season won’t take so many years, and that the wait won’t be as excruciating and tiring as the first one; is the fast delivery and airing of the episodes of the first part in season two.

Remember that the second part will begin by January 2021, which is a good signal that the third season won’t be that far behind.
The second season is said to have 25 episodes, 13 of which got released between July and September 2020, while the remaining 12 episodes will start airing by January.

If we should do the math, the first part spent three months, assuming the second part will also use up three months. After the three months, the producer might want to take a break; after the break-in transmission, we hope season three will surface by then. Nothing has been confirmed yet, just doing some calculations.

What’s the assurance that Re Zero season 3 won’t be as long as season 2?

Regarding the interview conducted for the anime producer, we gathered that the primary reason why season two took so long (four years) before airing was the fact that they never expected the positive response and outcome the first season of the anime had on the audience. This was why they didn’t make plans for the second season.

It means that the positive response pushes them to their feet to make season two a reality. Now that they have seen the eagerness and response to the second season, it’s certain that the producer would have made plans for the third season.

There is two news for you; the good and the bad. The bad news is that the official date for season three hasn’t been revealed or announced yet, and the good news is that plans have been put in place so you won’t have to wait for so long as the first time.

Keep waiting for the third season but believe me, the second part of the second season will make your wait for the third season worth it. It’s about to go nastier in the second season.

You can always count on us to keep you informed whenever the date about the third season is announced.