Kingdom of Amalur : Re Reckoning Review

Kingdom of Amalur: The re- reckoning Review

It was kind of a shock when THQ Nordic announced that they are bringing back the Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. This is a western RPG that though in the beginning wasn’t really successful it sort of gained a Cult following later. However, with a remake, it was possible that this cult’s classic remake wouldn’t do very well with modern audience. But Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is shockingly modern even according to 2020 standards.  It has every element to make a game successful from creative writing to World Design to fast-paced engaging combat.

While the original game was a success and did modestly good, the studio that created it went under, it was a total failure. The rename feels like a nod to the creators with a hero that is brought back from death and saves the world.  When the original studio went under fans never thought they will be able to see their game again. This is like a miracle for them.

Kingdom of Amalur
Kingdom of Amalur: Remake
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The events and storyline of Amalur is very detailed and is fantasy at its peak. If you are someone who likes to explore and get side-tracked you will absolutely love it.  Amalur is different from Elder Scroll’s previous works which had more grey and realistic premises. But Amalur has more vibrant and cartoonish characters that resemble Fable.  The level of Fluidity and customization it offers is amazing.  And once you get the hang of the combat its an absolute thrill. Although it may get a bit overwhelming by the time the game ends you can switch your destiny and totally change your design and build.

Those who just complete the main storyline of the game will finish it in 30- 40 hours but those who do every nook and cranny will take up to 100 hours to finish.

But the game is not without its technical glitches. Many have complained that it crashes a lot. And a problem which was persistent in the original is still not rectified the camera shoots from wired angles while in war and combat.

Have you got your hands on the Kingdom of Amalur yet? What would you like to say about it?

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