Reason why Carrie Fisher called Harrison Ford her ideal Mate

Carrie Fisher’s Ideal Mate:

Carrie Fisher is always in her fans heart as Princess Leia. But there’s some whom she kept in her till her death. It was none other than her Star Wars co star Harrison Ford. In her memoir Carrie Fisher revealed many truth about her relationship with Harrison Ford. Carrie Fisher’s Ideal mate is Harrison Ford.

But during their affair or brief affair of 3 month Harrison Ford was Married to another women. With whom he had kids as well. See how beautiful and young Carrie Fisher fell in love with already committed man with family and why she called her “Ideal Mate”.

Reason why Carrie Fisher called Harrison Ford her ideal Mate:

Carrie Fisher confessed in her memoir ‘The Princess Diarist’ that she was falling for Harrison when he does not want to have anything serious. Of course he wouldn’t dare to have any thing serious at that time because he was a married man with kids.

Carrie Fisher’s ideal Mate
Carrie Fisher’s ideal mate

Carrie Revealed she was falling head over heels for him despite knowing the fact Ford was just out of her reach she can’t have him or tell the world about their love. Because of this affection she called Harrison Ford her ideal type of man.

How Harrison Ford met Carrie Underwood:

Did you know their first encounter was a filmy situation. They met at a cafe in birthday party. where being only female in the crew Carrie’s Male colleague were trying to get her drunk. Then enters Harrison Ford as knight in his shining armour and saved carries from dangerous situation.

Who wouldn’t have fallen in love if this handsome man saves you from danger. Carrie Fisher being teenager (19) at that time found her ideal mate at that night.

Carrie Fisher Husband:

Carrie Fisher was married to Paul Simon. He is an actor, singer, songwriter. After dating for some time both got married in 1983. Then divorced in 1984. After their divorce in an year couple began dating again. Carrie wrote in her memoir that they were together for more than a decade on and of.

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Carrie Fisher idealised Harrison Ford because she is just falling for him knowing he is out of her reach .