What is ‘Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are ringing’ filming location.


Christmas in Evergreen filming location is something we all wanted to visit. Now Hallmark is adding 4th movie in this franchise called Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are ringing. Have you ever wondered where this beautiful place is located? So yes we have got you an answer. Did you know the movie was not actually filmed in Vermont?
So if you want to add this beautiful location to your traveling list read further.

About the Movie ( Christmas in Evergreen) :

Christmas in Evergreen is the story of veterinarian Allie Shaw living in Vermont “Evergreen”.which is really a beautiful town if you have really watched this movie you wished to be there. So our main lead Set out to meet her boyfriend in Washington DC. But little did she knows a huge snowstorm is waiting to ruin her plans.  She met Ryan Bellamy at evergreen who came there as a tourist with his daughter Zoe. And now stuck in this beautiful Christmas town because of snow.

Christmas in Evergreen filming location
Christmas in Evergreen filming location

Their developing relationship and how Allie finds magic Christmas snow globe which makes wish true. That is an interesting plot to watch. This movie and 3 others in this franchise are warm and cozy  Christmas movies to look out for this holiday season.

Christmas in Evergreen filming location:

Christmas in Evergreen filmed in British, Columbia. So If you really wanted to reach this mesmerizing world. All you have to do is visit the Burnaby village museum, located in British Columbia, Canada.

Burnaby village museum:

  • It is an open-air museum.
  • Located in deer lake park, Canada.
  • Also known as Heritage village
  • Traditional and heritage buildings are there in this museum.
  • If you want to visit this beautiful location it is open for tourists between September to May.


  • Hallmark Channel is coming with another Christmas in Evergreen movie.
  • The beautiful location of this movie has always captured the viewer’s heart.
  • Christmas in Evergreen filming location is Burnaby village museum, Canada
  • If you want to visit this beautiful location you can between September to May.

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