Lady A Releases ‘Christmas Through your Eyes’ video. See what’s in a videos

 Lady A Releases video :

Christmas season is just starting. Seems like lady A has given us another Christmas anthem. Lady A Releases video  called  ‘Christmas Through your eyes’. And we just can’t take our off from this Nostalgic yet so emotional music video.  And apart from the video, lyrics hit right on the spot.
Lets get into the details.

Christmas through your eyes :

Christmas hits differently when we are kid. Lady A truly wanted to convey this message. Now as all three members of lady A are parents. They are seeing and celebrating Christmas in totally different light.
They are celebrating Christmas through their kids point of view.  This really reminded us that holidays were much more stress free and enjoyable when we were kids.

what’s in the video :

Lady A Releases video with their childhood memories. This will be the cutest Christmas music video. All three Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood’s childhood clips are seen in the video.At last you can also their children sitting with Santa. You will definitely want to be a kid again who was just excited about Christmas presents and Santa  after watching this video.

watch music video : Lady A – Christmas Through Your Eyes

Recent  performances of  Lady A in CMA Christmas :

Lady A releases a video
Lady A Releases video- Christmas Through your Eyes.

Recently Lady A trio performed in ABC’s CMA Christmas. They performed songs like “Wonderful Christmas time” by Paul McCartney and “Little Saint Nick” by Beach boys.

why lady Antebellum became lady A :

  • Trio Decided to name their group after southern Antebellum.
  • But decided to change their name to lady A as a term Antebellum is associated with slavery.
  • when Black Lives Matter protest is in the full rage. I think this is the best step this group had taken not supporting anything that has ever suppressed a human rights.


  • Lady A has given their fans early Christmas gift.
  • Recently Lady A releases video called ‘Christmas Through your Eyes’.
  • They expressed their excitement for Christmas when they are kids. and now how their kids are excited to celebrate this holiday.
  • This video is quite nostalgic and emotional video
  • we now have a new Christmas anthem for this season.

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