Detailed comparison between Apple Watch series 6 vs Fitbit sense: Best smart watch to go

The best smartwatch to go:

Both are really great watches if you are considering buying one of them. But while comparing Apple Watch series 6 and Fitbit Sense both will have their pros and cons like any other product in the market. But being an android and iOS user will also play a major role here. So let’s see which one is the best smartwatch to go.

Apple watch series 6 vs Fitbit sense

Best Smartwatch to go
Best smartwatch to go, A detailed comparison

Health tracking features :

Both Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit sense claims that their health-tracking features are a top-notch service. But let’s find out which one turns out to be the best smart Device in this criteria.
Apple Watch Series 6 is the most talked-about feature is its oxygen sensor. But did you know? Fitbit is the one who added this feature in their smartwatch first.

Now talking about other Health tracking features, Heartbeat monitor and ECG is present in both. But Fitbit sense’s additional features are Detection of breathing rate and skin temperature. Nowadays stress tracking app is a necessity. Fitbit will provide this as well.

So, here as the name suggests “Fitbit sense” will take the point in terms of their health tracking features. If you are buying a smartwatch for health tracking features. Definitely, Fitbit sense is the best smartwatch here.

Sports Tracking Abilities:

Apple and Fitbit both are like Ace in this area. Both watches allow GPS tracking, heart rate, and you can go under the water having both on your wrist.

But here there is one drawback in the Fitbit sense. Fitbit sense can only swim track in a swimming pool, not in large and open water bodies. So if you swim or like to play water sports. Apple series 6 will be the Best smartwatch to have.

The price point of view:

From the basic attributes, we have seen that both watches have many similarities. So having a detailed pricing point of view has become more important here.

Apple Watch Series 6 prices : 

  • For GPS only starting price is $399
  • If you are going cellular option then it will cost you $100 extra that is $499

Fitbit sense price:  Price for Fitbit sense $ 329.99 more or less it is definitely a cheaper alternative with almost similar characteristics.

Battery life :

Apple Watch gives you a battery life of 18+ hours. But newly added always-on features will definitely drain the battery early. But what Fitbit sense offering is more than 6 days of battery life. So, Are we even comparing here?

Definitely, Fitbit sense in terms of battery is the best smartwatch

Design :

Apple Watch series 6 vs Fitbit sense
Apple Watch Series 6 vs Fitbit sense

In both of the watches, designing is similar to the availability of different bands in terms of your taste.

Other attributes:

When connected phones both can act as cellular devices. But if you are using android Apple Watch doesn’t allow you to receive calls. Although  You will get a notification. Speaker Mike and music control are present in both watches. Siri and Alexa are also present for Apple and Fitbit respectively.

conclusion :

  • Both are the best smartwatch in the market.
  • But from a pricing point of view and if you own an android phone Fitbit sense is really a great option
  • For IOS users to avail different features on the watch other than health and fitness tracking it is better to opt for Apple Watch Series 6.

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