The Spanish Princess Season 3 Release date: Will there be another series ?

The Spanish princess season 3 Release date- will there be any other series ? Read full story to find out more about this series .

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The Spanish Princess Season 3 Release date :

Since the last episode of the show is aired on 29 November fans were looking forward to next season. See will there be season 3. If yes then what will be the story line? With all these speculations this show is the most anticipated one At the moment. There is a vast discussion is going on about the series. So let’s see if the show is getting another season and if yes then The Spanish princess season 3 release date.

All about The Spanish Princess :

  • The whole series is based on novels like The constant Princess and the king’s curse.
  • The story revolves around the Catherine of Argon. How young and the enthusiastic girl became queen of England.
  • Even though Catherine was the princess and eventually became queen. She led a quite miserable life.
  • Widowed at 18. Then marrying her husband’s younger brother who took the throne.
  • Her sole intention was to bring peace to her mother nation and to England.
  • Her marriage to Henry VIIIth was a blessing until Anne Boleyn came into the picture.

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Cast and characters :

The Spanish princess
The Spanish princess season 3
  • Charlotte Hope as Catherine of Argon: This Game of Thrones actress has played her part really well. We can see the emotions she is portrayed as a queen of England. Her thirst to gain more power as a queen. Desperate to give an heir to Henry VIII. She did her job really well.
  • Ruairi O’Connor as Duke of York
  • Alice Nokes as Anne Boleyn
  • Elliot Cowan played the character of Henry VII of England.
  • Angus Imrie as Prince Arthur of Wales.

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Is There The Spanish Princess Season 3? :

Long story short the simple answer is NO. Show makers have no intention to take this series further. This will only be 16 episodes long series based on the life of Henry VIII’s first wife Catherine who was a Spanish princess.


  • so the bad news is there will be no season 3 for the Spanish princess.
  • But overall it’s a great series. The ups and downs of the queen are portrayed really well.
  • The other two seasons have great reviews. So it’s not a bad idea to add this series to your watchlist.
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