Mauro Ranallo will replace Al Bernstein on Mike Tyson Vs Roy jones Jr.

Mauro Ranallo will replace Al Bernstein:

In today’s pay-per-view match boxing fans will get to hear much familiar voice. Yes, Mauro Ranallo will be taking his commentary seat for this much anticipated fight between Mike Tyson and Roy jones Jr. Earlier, He will be replacing Al Bernstein. Ray Leonard will be commenting along with him. As updated by Don mischer production via tweet.

A legendary commentator for a legendary match is really a great choice. Viewers will definitely be delighted.

Mike Tyson and Roy jones Jr fight :

Both of them are great fighters of their time. Now both Roy and Mike are in the 50s this match is just for the sake of exhibition. In which they will just show off their sparring skills. As sparring is all about getting better technicality no hard punches will be thrown.

Mauro Ranallo will be commenting on Mike Tyson and Roy jones Jr fight
Mauro Ranallo will be commenting Mike Tyson and Roy jones Jr fight

Set of Rules for this special fight :

  • In this WBC championship match there will be around 8 rounds.
  • Each round will end in matter of 2 minutes.
  • Hard sparring rather than hard punches.
  • No official champion
  • Celebrity judges will asses this fight through screen.
  • No headgears and larger gloves .

However, Mike Tyson was not happy with this set of rules and objected before saying. We both are best in this field if we set 2 minutes rule it will not be fair to fans.

Where to watch this fight/ timings :

Fight will air on FITE.TV and PPV. Timing is 9:00 PM EST .

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Who is Mauro Ranallo:

  • He is a well known sports announcer.
  • known voice to boxing fans.
  • If you are a fan of WWE, NXT, smack down there is no way you don’t know this name.
  • He is living with bio polar disorder since he is 19. And never afraid to educate people about mental illness.


  • Legendary voice behind WWE Mauro Ranallo is commenting in the match between Mark Tyson and Roy jones Jr.
  • He is replace Al Bernstein for a match
  • Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr fighting each other in a exhibitory match. This fight will definitely be historical. As two legends are in the ri g after long time.