Uri Geller Gives Nintendo permission to Print Kadabra on Pokemon cards again

Nintendo to print Kadabra cards:

Uri Geller has Realised his 20 years old mistake. Permitting Nintendo to print Kadabra cards. All we can say is better late than never.
Recently Uri Geller Tweeted  that he is giving permission to Nintendo to bring Kadabra card back. He apologised for the ban. Claimed Kadabra will be one of the rarest card now.

Is Kadabra card coming back? :

As Uri Geller Tweeted it’s totally upto Nintendo. As Nintendo hasn’t commented anything yet. Nothing   Can be claimed officially. But one thing is for sure if Kadabra card will come back it will be in demand for some time.

what is Kadabra card ? :

Nintendo to print Kadabra cards
Nintendo to print Kadabra cards

If you are 90s and 2000’s baby Pokemon is nothing new. The craze of this was on indifferent level. Whether it was cartoon series or card play or Pokemon themed merch. Kids want to own it all.

Kadabra is the first generation psychic type of Pokemon. Also known as yungerer in Japanese appeared on Pokemon cards in early 2000’s.

why Kadabra card was banned ? :

Have you seen spoon in kadabra’s hand ? It became the major reason for its ban. As Uri Geller claimed he has resemblance with this Pokemon character. Kadabra having spoon in his hand and this character’s Japanese name Yungerer is matching with Uri Geller.
Geller sued Nintendo and ask to stop using Pokemon in TCG.

who is Uri Gellar ? :

Now Uri Geller has permitted Nintendo to print Kadabra cards. He is trending on Twitter. So who is he ? Uri Geller is Magician and illusionist. He is famous for his spoon bending illusion. As till now we all know. Gellar proclaimed to have lot more powers than mentioned. But nothing is scientifically proven yet. Apart from this Uri Geller is also a well known television personality.


  • Uri Geller ended 20 years of legal battle with Nintendo
  • Uri Geller  permits  Nintendo to print Kadabra cards.
  • 2 decades ago card was banned after Kadabra has much more resemblance with Uri Geller
  • Nintendo has not responded yet. So nothing is confirmed.
  • It will be interesting to see how Nintendo will react to this .

Do you think Kadabra card should make a comeback?

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