Regal Cinema Close In The US Amid COVID Crisis

Regal Cinema Close In The US

Seems COVID  takes a toll on all the sectors. And it is having a great impact on the business around the world. One of the shocking news this week is Regal Cinema Close In the US.

Not only in the US, but the largest cinema chain is also going to shut down all their branches across the UK and Ireland as well. Due to the ongoing pandemic, no one is gathering in movie theaters and is leading to a great loss.

The biggest decision from the Cinemaworld comes after the delay of ‘No Time To Die’. Seeing the current situation no movies are releasing in theaters. All are pushed to 2021. Though yet there is any possibility of getting a hold on the situation in 2021.

Thousands Of Employees Are Going To Lose Their Job

And in such uncertainty Regal Cinema Close In The US along with the UK and Ireland. The cinema ventures for many days now has no business and they can’t afford to run further the empty cinemas.

They literally have no time to die and was bound to take such a drastic decision amid the great loss facing since March. With the shutdown of all 543 ventures, there will be a huge cut on the job also. Thousands of Regal employees are going to lose their job with the shutdown of Regal Cinemas.

COVID Is Making It Miserable

COVID-19 is making life miserable for all. Along with the small businesses the biggies are also now affecting by the pandemic. The news of Regal Cinema Close In The US is a start to the worst.

The pandemic is making it so worse that we can witness such more shutdown in a few days. It will have a great impact on the world economy and the survival will be uncertain.

Regal Cinema Close In The US Is Certainly The Call Of The Time

Regal Cinema Close In The US amid the delay of most of the movies and the uncertainty. Most of the movies are going for online releases in lieu of the pandemic. Movies like Pixer, Soul, is not coming any sooner, which were the biggest release of the year.

Regal Cinemas

Disney animation series is likely to be released on Disney+ and no theatrical release is happening this year. In such a situation, it is next to impossible to run the business, and thus Regal shutdown is the call of the time.

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