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MPL- Rogue Heist APK is one of the newest multiplayer shooter games available for android devices.

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Offered By MPL – Mobile Premier League
Category Action
Version 1.42.0
Size 700M
MOD Features
Latest Updated 14 December 2020

Introduction to MPL Rogue Heist APK

Rogue Heist APK is one of the newest multiplayer shooter games available for android devices. Reviewers are already praising its unique gameplay and straightforward but engaging back story. In many respects, it is a similar version of the Player Unknown Battle Ground. Rogue Heist’s storyline is simply brutal and elegant.

Rogue Heist APK

You play as part of a team robbing a bank and are faced with another team doing the same. from there your objectives is simple, beat the other team and get the loop for yourself before the cop shows up.


The game interface is simple and easy to use while at the same time it is also adaptable and customizable. the control interface appears on the screen of the android device. As has become the norm with such games the left-hand controls the movements of your character.

While the right selects and fires your weapon.  however, it is possible to fully customize the interface to provide the best possible gameplay for your unique talents.


Modes in Rogue Heist APK

Rogue Heist APK Has three game modes that create a unique and memorable experience each time they are played. Much like other games in the genre no two matches are exactly the same. This is further enhanced by the fact that no two modes create the same experience either.

1. Heist mode

Heist mode is the default game set for Rogue Heist. In this mode, both teams are vying for the money stolen from the bank. Their objective is to secure victory by achieving one or more win conditions. this note is played in teams of five and in order to be victorious teamwork is essential.

2. Brawl mode:

Rogue Heist APK brawl mode is essentially a Battle Royale. There are no teams in this mode is simply every robber for him or herself. Unlike other games, this mode doesn’t just reward the last man standing. The highest rewards go to those who are a willing risk to stealing the most.

3. Gang war mode:

Rogue Heist APK gang war mode is a larger version of the heist but has different when criteria. Instead of trying to claim and escape it’s about eliminating the opposing gang. each match is limited to seven minutes. The objective is to be the first game to score 50 total kills before that time runs out. Of course, the victory will still go to the team scored the highest if time is out. Its unique gameplay and when conditions are similar enough and you different from other games to be pleasant. Rogue Heist APK is the perfect change of pace from other games are just getting a little worn out.

How to Install MPL Rogue Heist APK + OBB

To install Rogue Heist APK, follow some steps below.

  1. Download the MPL Rogue APK + OBB file below this article.
  2. Unzip the OBB file and move it to the Android/Obb folder.
  3. install the APK.
  4. Open and have fun.

Download Section

Download Rogue Heist Apk Here

Download Among Us Mod Apk

People also ask

Q.1 How do I download the rogue heist?

Ans. You can download Rogue Heist only from AwareEarth where you will not have to pay a single $.

Q.2 Is Rogue heist an Indian game?

Ans. Yes, Rogue Heist is an Indian Game owned by MPL – Mobile Premier League.

Q.3 How do I play rogue heist?

Ans. You Just have to download the APK From here and Just follow the steps to install above and then start enjoying.

Q.4 What is the size of rogue heist?

Ans. The size of Rogue Heist APK vary with devices but it somewhat min to 700Mb