Rosie Ramsey and Chris Ramsey’s small feuds have secured their bond.

Rosie Ramsey and Chris Ramsey are convinced with the fact that the small fights make their relationship stronger.

Rosie Ramsey and Chris Ramsey
The couple is also all set to bring out a book by the name, “Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed”.

The happy go lucky couple are famous for their podcast. In the podcast the couples talk about their feuds. The couple is also all set to bring out a book by the name, “Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed”. In the podcast, the couple share several things. The couple also share the intricate and intimate moments of their live. In the podcast, the couples also talk to several guests. The guests are usually celebrities.

The couple, in the process of speaking to Audi and Radio Industry Awards (ARIA), Chris said,

“It has brought us closer together. There was a study that said couples who roast each other and take the piss out of each other loads are much healthier. We were just doing that anyway and then we just started recording it.”

Rosie Ramsay said,

“like that anyway in real life. Chris’s comedy has been taking the mick out of our marriage for seven years, nearly. This is kind of me answering back.”

Rosie Ramsey said that getting married is difficult. She mentioned that it is really difficult to spend so much time with one single person. So, definitely there are fights in their relationship. However, they overcome all the hurdles and try to maintain their relationship at a good note.

The couple is expecting their second child. Rosie said that the couple is past 20 weeks and they are half way there. However, she does not have any sickness. But she remains very tired.

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