Russia has imposed a severe lockdown which was imposed on the country amidst this pandemic
President Vladimir Putin did not briefly address the public about the lockdown or the issues of the pandemic. This had caused a state of panic among the people and resulting in misinterpreted of the lockdown.
To secure the premises, Russia has also imposed a strict rule policy and law, a jail of 7 years is issued on breaking the lockdown and hefty fine. Since February Russia has taken several steps to stop the further outbreak by closing its long border with China and isolating early suspects.
Residents are only allowed to go for pharmacy, food shops or a 100 m walk with their pets. the government is also affected through tracking apps on their phones.
Russia has put the victory day celebrations on hold due to the growing pandemic.
Russia has recorded about 42,853 cases, 361 deaths, and 3,291 recovered patients. Over the hefty news of the growing pandemic, the residents of Russia have been hoarding cash since the lockdown began .about 1 trillion rubles ( $13.6 billion ) afraid of the shortage of cash to which Putin has imposed a tax for withdrawing over 1 million rubles.
Live coronavirus Dashboard
Cybergulag “ which is a technology for tracking people is brought by Russia to monitor people during the lockdown which is also violating “ the digital rights“.
The concerning situation of the world has impacted Russian policy and lockdown into taking further strict steps to reduce the outbreak of pandemic CVOID19.the nonworking week of the Russians was extended by Putin till April 30, 2020.
Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that Russia has set aside $18 billion for the CVOID-19 pandemic. Vladimir Putin has also put off a key public vote scheduled for April on constitutional reform that allowed him to stay him in power till 2036. Moscow has completed shut down due to the growing number of patients. Putin has taken tough measures as he announced that if the entertainment events are not shut down, the regional officers would be charged with “criminal negligence” charges and imposing 5-year jail in prison punishment for spreading false information about CVOID19.
Reportedly Russia has been, making fruitful efforts and closed off China-sharing borders. Russia has also closed down airports and is not allowing foreign citizens in the country.

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