SATs in the US 2020-The coronavirus has caused a crisis for high school seniors

SATs in the US 2020, the coronavirus has caused a crisis for high school seniors. Many potential college students find the SATs preparation challenging for both studying and scheduling. The the coronavirus pandemic forced three of the primary SAT exams to be canceled. Many students face the frightening question whether or not the you to attend college. To a lesser degree college admissions staff faced similar issues due to a potential drop in applicants. Many colleges in the US were debating whether or not to open for fall due to the coronavirus. However, a large number of colleges having made the decision to start the fall season on schedule. As a result, the College Board who create and administer the SATs announced the addition of a new test date


The SAT is a standardized test used by many colleges in the US for admissions. The College Board a private nonprofit educational body in the US is responsible for administering the exam. SATs are similar to India’s JEE exams though the latter is far more focused on specific areas of aptitude. The exam determines the proficiency of a student in writing, literacy, and mathematics. To put it another way, the exam measures how well they retain the information they learned in grade school.

SATs in the US 2020

Additionally, it is intended to measure a student’s problem-solving skills. Specifically, to assess if they can function at a college level. Colleges use the SAT score a student receives n their admissions review. It is not unheard of for college to accept a student who did poorly on the SATs. However, that is quite rare usually the better a student does on the SATs The better their chances. The SATs five sections are reading, writing, language, mathematics, and the optional essay portion. Each of the sections measure how well the student can analyze the problems in addition to solving them. The SATs have a time limit of three hours and 15 minutes.

SAT schedule

Specifically, the college board schedules these exams in August, October, November, December, March, May, and June in the US. Additionally, the SATs are also provided outside the United States for potential visa students in October, November, December, May, and June. Any student who wishes to take the SAT is welcome to schedule a spot in one of the exams. Due to the fact that exams have a limited number of seats students are encouraged to schedule well in advance. Additionally, a fee charged for participating in the exam. Typically for an SAT exam in the US the cost is about $49.50. SATs taken outside of the United States have an additional charge added to the existing. Depending on the region this additional charge is about $45 US.

SAT 2020

The SATs for 2020 have already been devastatingly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, with the March, May, and June exam dates canceled. As a result, the college board decided to add September to the exam schedule. Online registration is currently open for the September exam. Also, because board is planning to hold the exam as in person event. The September exam in addition to being a new exam date has also been expanded. That is to say, the number of spots available in each exam location has been increased.

The reason is the college board is expecting the students from the canceled exams to apply for this one. The college board is also taking the safety of the examinees into account in the plan. If the coronavirus is still an issue that will change. However, rather than cancel the exam the College Board is working on an online version of the exam.

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