Savage Mode 2 Is Here To Heat-up The Floor

Savage Mode 2
The Bloody Affair

21 Savage and Metro Boomin are all set to release their new collaboration Savage Mode 2. It is one of the highly anticipated albums of this year. And the petition signed by the fans for this album says it all.

Yes, fans were so eager for the release of the new album by Metro Boomin that they literally run a campaign for the release. Hundreds of fans joins hand and signed the petition for the early release of the album.

Savage Mode 2
Metro Boomin

And finally, after all the hacks, Metro Boomin is set to release the most anticipated Savage Mode 2. The album is a sequel to the most popular 2016 EP Savage Mode. The popularity of that album gives rise to the demand for a sequel for the same.

The new album by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin will include the popular tracks from 2016 Savage Mode that is “X” featuring Future, “No Heart”. Of course the title track Savage Mode is featuring as well.

Morgan Freeman is another attraction of the album as he narrates the trailer in his heavy and Dusky voice. The trailer is already a success with Freeman’s voice in it. Fans cant expect a better start for this album where Morgan narrates the trailer.

21 Savage of course takes a lot of effort to make sure the success of their new album Savage Mode 2. In spite of the huge demand, they do not want to take a risk and keep a proper promotional strategy to ensure success.

They also start a promotional website for the album. And update all the new happenings for the album on that website. The trailer is pretty interesting with a shivering start where blood pours into a room.

Freeman narrates savage as something that is unstoppable in any situation. In spite of shits happening around Savage continues in its flow and no one can stop it. Savage’ is fierce, beastly, and untamed, Freeman narrates.

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