Saweetie and Doja Cat pump Each other up in improving ‘Best Friend’ video while Ceraadi Accused her for stealing song concept

Saweetie and Doja Cat pump “Best friend”:

Saweetie and Doja cat pump collaborated for a song called ‘Best friend’. This song is causing all stir. The first non-improvised version of the song is surfing all over the internet. Now Ceraadi accused them of copying her song concept.

Let’s find out more about all this chaos and how artists replied to this accusation.

Improved Best Friend video :

Saweetie’s label WBR (Warner Bros Music) released a Music video that is not even right without informing her. So she took Twitter to express her Anger. Wrote: “we have put a lot of effort into this song and worked on visuals for day and now this happens”. However, Saweetie and Doja cat pump are all set to improve the video.

But if we talk about the song, then it’s really a great song we must say. Visuals and music is definitely gets full points.

Watch Best friend by clicking Here.

Ceraadi’s Accusations:

Ceraadi has accused Saweetie & cat pump of stealing their concept. And she shared numbers of stills from both songs. Marking some resemblances.
But Saweetie replied to them in the most savage and sweetest way possible. She said we will surely add your names to the credits. However, both of the songs are on the same topic. Similarities or not we enjoyed both of them.

Watch Ceraadi’s BFF here and decide if there really similarities.

Fan’s Reactions:

Saweetie and Doja cat pump
Saweetie and Doja cat pump the new song Best Friend out and Ceraadi caused them of copying their concept.

Viewers seem to like this song a lot. Since this song got released on TikTok. It has really reached its targeted audience. Improved version or not everyone has really enjoyed ‘Best Friend’.

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  • Saweetie is all ready with her new song with Doja cat pump.
  • Their new song is called Best Friend.
  • Cerradi has also accused them of copying their concept of the song BFF.
  • Saweetie has replied to them prior to song release.
  • After all this chaos song got finally released and is a great song.

Have you heard this song yet?