MAC Cosmetics is here with a brand new collection and this time it’s inspired by “The Sims 4”

MAC Cosmetics new and controversial collection is making headlines. Do you know what is so unique this time? Well, this time it is inspired by “The Sims 4”. Apparently, it is also facing criticism for the same. The game players have a mixed opinion about the MAC Cosmetics newly launched collection. The beauty company dropped it’s brand new collection on it’s Instagram account. The collection based on “The Sims 4” includes shimmery eyeshadows in nine colours. The products are wrapped in a blue covering.

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MAC Cosmetics launches brand new collection.
MAC Cosmetics new collection is inspired from “The Sims 4” but customers says it is the same old eyeshadow palette.

The criticism and MAC Cosmetics’ new collection

Some artists and customers seemed unimpressed and less enthusiastic about the collection. After the launch of the products by the beauty brand, some consumers noticed that the product does not match with that of the game and some even commented on the racism. They questioned the brand and went on to criticise the product. They are disappointed because it is the ‘same old palette’ packed in a new box.

The gamers also said that they don’t understand the logic behind producing neutral colours to showcase neon-hued Sims games. As soon as the customers started criticising MAC Cosmetics, the brand came to rescue its reputation. The company responded to the backlash and said that they have always focused on creating a fun and interactive environment. They said that they remain true and authentic.

The makeup brand even went on to explain itself and replied in the Instagram comment section. They replied and explained that the company only wanted to offer a versatile eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette covers 12 exchangeable looks based on the “The Sims 4”, and it gives compliment to all face shapes and skin colours. This was the information in the MAC Cosmetics comment. It seems that the statement was referring to the previous collaboration between The Sims and MAC Cosmetics. Because earlier in 2020, the company launched a collection with Sims company to create 12 different makeup look. The designs in the game were based on the real products by the company.