Selena Gomez out with her new make up collection

On Thursday, Selena Gomez launched her makeup line. She celebrated posting a photograph on her official Instagram handle. Gomzer further announced that her new make up collection is ‘one hundred percent vegan and cruelty-free’.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez launches her new make up collection

She was seen posing with her beloved Daisy pup surrounded by balloons. The 28 year old captioned her picture, ‘SO EXCITED and I wish we could be celebrating in person’. She further added ‘Thank you to my excellent @rarebeauty team and to our community! This is just the start!!!”.

Gomez and her beauty line focuses on the notion of feeling good.

Selena Gomez’s make up collection, Rare Beauty, her make up collection, is a rare and refreshing new line of beauty celebrity that focuses on the personal relationship of the star with beauty, struggles and all.

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The collection contains a number of make up items, such as, mascara, lipstick and eye-liner and gloss. The collection is available through Sephora, and from online. One percent of profits will be donated to the Rare Impact Fund, which has vowed to raise $100 million for people in low – income communities for mental health services.

Gomez believes “Beauty doesn’t have to be defined by a like or a comment, or your body,” She further adds, “The whole time we were creating, Rare Beauty, we were always under the notion that this was going to be also about mental health and creating a safe place for people to connect.”

Lately, Gomez was in the news quite a lot. She pulled out the music video for her new song Ice Cream late last month, a collaboration with BLACKPINK. The music video was on Youtube trending # 1.

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