Self-employed vs Being employed. Risk vs reward.

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of business upon jobs and the other challenges that come through.
It is upon the individual to chose a job or business in their career. Maybe many of the people think to have a good job, a good position, they would have their dream job in their mind and the writer doesn’t deny that.

This article is a guideline for those who are not in such ranks in their job where they can feel job satisfaction, are done with 9 to 5, 5/6 days a week job, where most of the general public lies. Many people are not satisfied with their pay scales, their working hours, their efforts which they are putting, so here is the time for them to be creative. Creative means to build a path in life through their imagination which bridges their present life to their dream life.

So here are the benefits of self-employed vs Being employed, the pros and the cons.

You are not working for someone else, you are working for yourself. So, you are free to use your time in and the way to use it. Now, you might have given more input in this case but as you are giving time to yourself, the time passes by and you wouldn’t even notice it. The big benefit is that you will be free from unnecessary stress you are getting in a job which is draining a lot and a lot of energy form you and is not letting you realize that what are you capable of doing.

In a job you have linear growth as you know there will be a 30% hike in salary the first year, next 30% in the second year and so on. Like you might be touching the 5 mark figure in 5 years or so. In business, maybe if it’s a good month, you will make money where there is no limit, in a bad month maybe you just hid the road. But that’s the upper limitlessness is what keeps the people moving in the business. Remember the firm, the company, the institution you are working for, is doing business.

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In business, it is the most important thing to be creative, to figure out all of your resources and how you can make the best use of them. Now, the statistics say that 90% of the startups fail in their first attempt, it’s true, so what you have your experience in business, you could get back and apply in your job, it’s a plus factor every company is paying for these skills, or not you could learn from it and apply it in your business further.

So, if you started to think maybe business is a better idea, so there are first requirements you need to keep in mind.

There are three parameters to decide what kind of business you should get in.
1. Trends
2. Passion
3. Skills

I will recommend the follow your passion. Even if you don’t possess the skill, it will come along the process. Also, a little bit of research will help to get a head start. So you could take all of these three points and adjust the percent according to you which you could take forward.

Many of the business failures were due to the fact that they were making what nobody was interested in.

The business of videography or photography is such an emerging field that 5 years back, no could have thought of that field could get so boom. But now, these fields are getting highly paid. Top payers include Instagram and youtube.

Start whatever you are, wherever you are, whatever resources you have, with them, try to figure out what your passion is, give time in your business, give time to yourself, for a life you want to have, for a desire you want to fulfill.

You may be slow at the start, but, slowly you will learn and you will grow and acquire the most beautiful thing which you could have thought of.

Cheers to a happy life.

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