Shazam is removing Facebook sign in option from the Android app

Three years ago in 2017 Apple take over the music reorganization app Shazam.  After that, the company straightway removed all the advertising as well as third part SDK from the service. These steps were taken as a preventive measure for the user to stop being tracked by the app.  Now, the company thinking about their next step and withdraw the ability to ‘sing in’ from Facebook app to Shazam for Android.

According to the new report of 9to5google gives a new spectrum on this development. It seems that Facebook ‘Sign In’ and ‘Log In’ option going away soon.

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APK insight-

In this ‘APK Insight’ post User has produce source code from the compiled code on the latest version of an application that big tech giant Google uploaded to the Play Store. Whenever user decompiled  APK files, users see various lines of codes, that might be an indication of future features. Consider one thing that Google may or may not add these features and interpretation may be wrong.

However, these features still not change on the Shazam app on Android or iPhone. According to the source soon it happens. Once this process is done, those who are signed in to Shazam via Facebook will get a warning.

Also, 9 to 5 Google reports that once changes done application will also allow their users to import their Shazam’s account from their old account to the new one.

The most important thing is the user doesn’t have to create an account for using Shazam application. The application works perfectly without creating an account. But the Sing in option allows users to sync their Shazam application across the device. The Facebook SDK is majorly responsible for this last week IoS apps to crash. So this incident has a great impact on the reason for this change.

As we mentioned earlier, it will be seen when the changes actually implanted for the users.

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