Sneak peek into the upcoming season of ‘This is us’

This is us season5 is all set for it’s premier: 

   This is us season5 will be premieres on Tuesday October 27 on NBC with 2 hour priemere special episode.And yes we can’t wait for it .

It’s an American Romantic Television drama premiered in September 20 2016.                  As there are many shows out their struggling to set their foot ,therefore it’s comparatively difficult to make television show which is unique and different.

However , all seasons of this is us has proved its point having 4.9/5 stars rating on google.   This critically acclaimed show has engage its audience for four years now.

This is us
This is us season5

As, audience are eagerly waiting for This is us season5 ,It’s trailer release has created quite a buzz.
As reported by Deadline ,this season will also be showing ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.         Hence ups and downs of Pearson’s family will revolve around this pandemic .         Audience’s are also loving this how they talking about ‘real-world’ and how this will make This is us season5 different from any other show

What is exactly shown in trailer of ‘This is us’season5:

This is us season5 features Kevin and his adoptive brother Randall.
Trailer is like emotional roller coaster when Kevin said :

”I thought the worst thing was when dad died, but the worst thing was when they brought you home”.
As This is us season4 ended with horrific fight between Pearson brothers we can expect their reconciliation in this season
In a recent interview This is us star Susan kelechi Watson who plays Beth Randall’s wife in series reveals many thing
watson quoted :

”I feel like lots of Pearson family stuff coming up ,and growing up pains happening-and we are dealing with that.
As for her character in This is us season5 she said this season will focus more on her career

“Beth has moved into big realm with her dance career. We had future flash forward on this beautiful dance we will see how she progressively gets there .
As this show has depicted how even the smallest thing can affect our life we can’t help but relate.

How much do you like This is us season5 trailer, what are your expectations from this season